It's not an easy skill or task to do, where human being is full of feeling. But at the same time, it's not a very hard task that needs lots of preparation or NLP!

It's just to be logical and live the situation rather than escaping the moment by crying, or by being week when you scream, swears, hit, or react negatively against sadness and anger feelings.The moment you start doing so, ask yourself "Am I changing any thing by swearing, breaking, hitting, crying, or even silent sadness, etc?". If the answer is no, then why are you still doing it?

Let's discuss some really bad scenarios:

- You've just been fired from your work. You have two situations:
* A. To fight back with your manager for the decision that's made, maybe escalating it to the company owner, if it's a small business or to HR manager if it's a big one. But finally, nothing changes.
* B. To accept the situation and immediately start looking for a new job, take a vacation, spend sometime with the family, or any other activity.

- You've just had an accident that caused a leg to be cut.
* A. You can stay at home for few months to accept the fact and keep swearing at destiny, the driver, the accident, etc. where thing is really changing by these statements.
* B. Accept the case and move forward while accepting every obstacle as a challenge, considering yourself as a hero who can resolve every challenge that comes. Or my, looking at an artificial leg.

I hope I can wake you up of a situation you might have buried yourself in.

About Author / Additional Info:
I have been observing human behavior, reactions, for a quite sometime until I got a little experience that I want to share. I have been successful in changing a lot of people behavior and mentality to positive thinking and full-of-motivation life.