At the present situation of any field most of us face competition. Whether, it is for products, service, sales, marketing, movies, games, studies, series in television etc. Everywhere we face competition and failures or up and downs. Hence everyone deliver us the same theme for everything. For Ex: Every mobile company gives us the same kind of mobile features. So it is very difficult for us to differentiate and we go up with the brand name and price or by getting influence with the salesman. But if there is an Innovation then they can make a change in the normal scenario. They can achieve the success easily because it gives the user a variety and thrilling experience. For Ex: As discussed earlier most of us were going up with NOKIA for mobiles but after the entry of Micromax with its new Q7 easy pad mobile piece for low price has made a change in the rural and urban market. Their way of branding and marketing has helped them for growth in sales with this innovative product idea. Till the moment there were no phones with messaging, chatting keypads. Hence this idea worked well for them.

After this the service providers like Airtel, Vodafone always comes up with different ideas to push their market share. But Tata Docomo came up with a new idea of one paise per second and grabbed the market share quickly. Even their marketing strategies also worked well for them. Their way of promotions, Branding and marketing with this idea or offer has helped them for more sales. Then comes to the point of movies where most of us were bored by watching masala commercial movies were got shocked or thrilled with the Amir Khans 3idiots and peepli live. Because of its new idea of passing the message to the audience in a well deserved manner. Not only has these there are different products with technology killed the competition and their products.

The LCD technology has killed CRT and LED technology is killing LCD, CD has acquired a good space over floppy, USB drive has more than that over CD's. Hence in this way the technology and Innovation always helps the company to achieve success. Those who ever do the things differently and shows something new always achieves the success.

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