A tall standing lonely tree on the side of a road , one of its only kind in between other trees but by seeing it only it could be found out how lonely it is standing .

It has potential to grow more, it has strength to stand up, it has power to rule out, but still it is standing mute and calm. No sense of competition no will to supersede, no care of self. Just standing aimlessly , clueless in grief due to own internal wounds.

It's tragic to see that a tree who is standing in between poisonous weeds an encircled by thorns of cactus, still rest silent and inactive. Reason to this kind of behavior is the internal turmoil which made its own branches weak and leaves to shed but the biggest reason behind it is our response towards the tree, we left him ALL ALONE. Nobody has time to look at it; nobody has desire to care of it.

We forget all its beneficence even about oxygen it has provided to us to retain our vital signs.

As time passes by our deeds we made it hell now place around the tree is no more fit to sit or stand. Tree who gave us oxygen to breathe in to live we only had made his own survival a quest.

According to me this thing happened to him due to a very simple reason which is our attitude. "What will happen to a tree by throwing a plastic bag to it? Or when others are throwing their waste to it so why can't I? After this we came up with when this lot has already done what will be harmed by little more? And at last my favorite one Yaha to aisa hi hota hai bhaiya?

By witnessing things like that I got remembered of a quote which says

"We are not creatures of circumstances: we are creators of circumstances"

It's very unfortunate but it's a very bitter fact that here tall standing lonely tree is our very own country India. Issues like corruption, illiteracy, unemployment etc are plastic bag and waste which India is carrying. But what we are doing to it is still a mystery. We are not interested in sorting out problems what we do best is that, we shift the responsibilities or blame government for all issues.

According to me who so ever is having this kind of attitude has no right to call him or her an Indian. Ask yourself what we do when a problem come to a family do we start blaming each other or we leave it to one person to deal with all? Obviously no, we all rise up as a family and find ways to get over the problem. So if India is our mother land and we all are children to it, then it's our responsibility to stand up against these problems and contribute to make it a better place. Then only we can proudly announce our self as an Indian.

Make a quality move today and you will see to a better tomorrow. But for that you have to dig out of your comfort zone and begin because "you will never win if you never begin".

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