Concentration is the act of focusing the mind upon one a single point .When you focus your mind, your energies are conserved in one place and do not deviate on unnecessary activities. In today's modern world there are so many material things which deviates your mind constantly as a result you fails to finish any work perfectly. These material things attracts our mind so powerfully that it becomes very difficult to concentrate on any particular work. If a student glued his eyes on television, laptop or mobile phone while studying cannot score good marks in examination. Concentration is not only important for students but for every person. Human mind is very restless, it cannot constant at one point. Control of mind is very important in life. Control ling a mind means restraining a mind from doing a particular thing. As, I told you earlier Concentration means focusing the Mind upon a single point. Therefore, mind can be control through concentration or vice-versa. That is why developing Concentration is very important for every kind of success in life.

In this article I will discuss about," The importance of Concentration and How you can develop it". You may know or heard about an experiment in your science class that," if you place a paper below a magnifying glass then it can be burnt with the help of Sun rays. There is a Scientific Theory behind it. When these scattered Sun rays falls on the glass they concentrated together and produce heat which in turn burns the paper. Similarly ,if you can Concentrate your Scattered Mind and focus on any particular Subject then you will definitely get success in it. Swami Vivekananda says," The power of the mind are like rays of the sun. When they are Concentrated ,they illumine.

Now, I am telling you some simple steps through which you can increase your Concentration power. In the Morning our mind remains calm and fresh. So, when you wake up in the morning just sit idle ,close your eyes and try to focus your mind on any particular" person, object or subject" for atleast five Minutes. You have to increase the duration after few period of time. If you want to focus on any person then he/she can be any anyone, any god or goddess or any inspirational character of your Choice. You have to practice this activity regularly and needs to make it in your habit. After couple of months we will realize that your mind is under your control and you have full command over it. You can focus your mind on any particular subject or you can pull your mind from any subject. You become the ruler of your mind and now mind cannot rule you.

Any material object cannot effects your Concentration. And whenever you will use this concentrated mind on any work, it will gives excellent result. In addition to it you have to keep few other things in mind. These are neat and cleanliness, healthy diet and physical exercise. These are also very helpful in building Concentration.

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