The self improvement is purely a continuous process and it requires continuous effort. It is an art because it utilizes high self motivation, self confidence and self creativity, which are the vital ingredients to self development. The self improvement promotes to refine the human attitude, human behavior into the professional aspects.

Someone has the right to say that failure is the pillar of success, but how? As per the human psychology after each failure a main depressed 5% to 10%. So after a number of failures he may be reached into 100% depression and in this stage he may loose his total self confidence. In an optimistic way if we analyze, we find that it's the sign of a weak mentality .so what to do? As per my suggestion, after each failure, we have to analyze that failure into details to find out the lacking points and remedial actions must be prepared to avoid those lacking points .This will give more strength to avoid the next successive failures.

We must obey the basic principles of Art of living for self improvement and to maintain a healthy and prosperous life.
• Forget and forgive the historical panic incidents.
• Be constructive and optimistic.
• Always be a good listener, which enable us to be good speaker.
• Be real; do not float in virtual dreams.
• Be active, take all responsibilities to be the creator of own destiny.
• Do not argue with others rather try to discus to increase your knowledge pool. Because argument is the exchange of ignorance where as discussion is the exchange of knowledge, which enables our self improvement.
• Be innovative and try to explore the new innovative idea to enhance efficiency.
• Do not refuse anything immediately, take own time to build intelligent decisions and associated actions.
• Do not angry suddenly, because it is the momentary madness.

So if we obey those principles of Art of living , definitely we can improve ourselves .

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