"ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU - ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY" said, John F. Kennedy, The President of U.S.A. (1961-1963) on his very first speech addressing to over 17crore citizens of America. There is a great depth in these words said by John Kennedy where he gives a message to each individual which is 'YOU' to hold responsibility for the account of country. Most of the people around the world have found a very easy way to blame on government, states and nations for problems befalling on them without giving any rational thinking to it. If at all this act is justified then one must also be sensible enough to think if blaming g the solution? And most of the time it is "NO" for an answer.

MANGAL PANDEY (1827-1857) a man of nerve - a mere sepoy (soldier) in the 34th regiment of the Bengal native infantry of English East India Company, had the guts to act under daylight in open ground against the mighty British Empire. The cost of this brave act was sentence to death by hanging.
BHAGAT SINGH (1907-1931) a youth of fearlessness - born in a small village called Banga in Punjab selflessly participated in various freedom movements and actions, when he could have married to a beautiful bride but instead he ran away from home to stop his parents from pursuing him to get married and in a note he left behind it says "my life has been dedicated to noblest cause, that of the freedom of the country. Therefore, there is no rest or worldly desire that can lure me now..." at the age of 23 he was hanged to death by British Raj for his loyal act for his country.
During the JALLIANWALA BAGH TRAGEDY hundreds of disarmed Indians were shot mercilessly by the British, among the dead were even women and young children. The deaths were the sacrifices laid for the sake of Indian freedom.

An advertisement published in august 11, 1914 issue of Hindustan Ghadarread
"Wanted ...Fearless, Courageous soldiers for spreading mutiny in India.
Salary ...Death.
Reward ...Martyrdom and Freedom.
Place ...The Field of India."

Words will not suffice to say anything about it but to feel the spirit of a patriot when anybody reads an advertisement of such passion. If we dig into the history of India there are so many heroes we can come across that anybody would be proud of India.

But in the past recent times unfortunately the image of India is not as good as it needs to be. It has been over 64 years since we have got our Independence and yet our country is still a developing country. Though we are competing hard to be equal with other super power nations of the world, we have a huge gap which needs to be bridged.

Today we find that more than 55% of Indians have a first-hand experience of paying bribes in public offices. It is easier to point and blame the government for corruption and find an easy escape, as though people have no role to play in corruption at all. If government was really solemnly responsible for corruption then one needs to look upon who this government is? It is nobody but us. In India it is we the people who appoint the candidates by casting our vote to serve our government from the many choices we have of different political leaders of different parties. When the government is corrupted, it reflects on one hand, that a mistake has been made by us in casting the right votes to the right persons and on the other hands it clearly reflects that, it is because the people are ready and submissive to corruption that the government is corrupted. What it implies is that people are as much responsible for corruption as much as government is and it is rather pity that the government has to take the full blame on corruption. There is no point in supporting an anti-corruption movement today and bribing a public official tomorrow. And what that 'YOU' can do for your country is be an honest and loyal politician or support the one who is.
Even after having some of the best educational institutions in our country at affordable fees structure establishing world class Doctors, Engineers, managers and Entrepreneurs yet the technology and gross domestic growth(GDP) of the nation has not reached the standards and level it was supposed to meet with all the facilities that our country is giving to us. Why so? Brain drain..., many students and young graduates after getting educated and trained in our country fly to different nations to impart their knowledge and training to develop and prosper other countries. The united nation development programme (UNDP) estimates that India loses $2 billion a year because of emigration of computer experts to U.S.A. It is a legal cheating we do to our own nation. And what 'YOU' can do for your country is live and earn you bread right here in your motherland.
There is always constant complains on hike in petrol prices every 4-5 days, frequent power failures, price of natural commodities going high, it makes difficult for common man to make ends meet with all the price shooting high. But why are these prices shooting high? There is scarcity of quality natural products. We are exploiting nature in every possible way we can and as fast as we can. Obviously that makes living costlier. Recent study shows that 367 square KM of forest has been depleted since 2009 till now. The graph on pollution and population is ever rising. And what that 'YOU' can do for your country is use public transport instead of personnel vehicles, Water a plant before it dies, turn off the AC when not required, fix a leaking tap...etc.

It is these little acts that are worth enough that 'YOU' can do for your country. Martyrs have laid down their lives for our nations; every year so many defence personnel take oath to serve our country first with keeping themselves as their last priority. In war and unbearable weather conditions they die...and they die for their nations. A BRAVE VOULENTEER ACT FOR THEIR COUNTRY. That must at least persuade us to do something for our country too, little though it may be.

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