The difference between success and failure is a thin line. Etched on the thin line is something which we call as perseverance. How many times have we been told, right from our good old childhood days, not to give up on anything until you see light at the end of the tunnel? How many times have we been counseled on this wonderful characteristic called perseverance? It seems simple, but you need the initiative and will to persistently follow the course of action till you smell success.

It is said that Thomas Alva Edison has failed 99 times in his experiments to create an electric bulb, but he succeeded in his 100th attempt. Have we ever imagined what could be the scenario had he just given up after his 99th attempt? It is amazing how a small deed can change the course of history for ever. Edison never gave up because he consciously believed in his dreams and he knew within the deepest recess of his mind that what he is pursuing is achievable. That is perseverance! If you are passionate about your goals and dreams, then it is as good as fulfilled. The passion in you elicits the determination to pursue your dreams to its completion.

There is a Zen story which speaks about the essence of perseverance. Once there lived a Zen monk who used to flaunt his intellectual prowess on his disciples. One day he asked one of his less intelligent disciples to go and find the sound of a one hand clap. The disciple searched every where but he cold not find the answer. He became dejected and demoralized but he never lost his will. One day he was climbing a tall tree in search of the answer when he slipped and fell down. He broke his bones and for a moment everything came to a standstill. An eerie silence engulfed him and suddenly he realized that the answer is "Silence". It is said that the disciple attained enlightenment there itself. Perseverance can do wonders and it can shake you from your mental stupor to achieve what you earlier thought to be unachievable.

Our ancestors earlier dreamt of going to the moon but we made that dream a reality by passionately working towards it. If not for the perseverance and the determination showed by the great scientists and innovators, we would have been living a miserable deplorably low life. We would have never had airplanes, trains, life saving medicines and all those wonderful inventions in our life had those innovators given up on their quest in search for the ultimate truth. Because of their passion and focus our lives are ricocheting with all those happiness which makes it worth living.

Be passionate in your deeds and pursue what you truly believe to be achievable with a determination and dedication so that you might surprise yourself by achieving the impossible.

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