Sweating underarms is one disorder which may affect our self-confidence. Problems on excessive sweating on our armpits are usually evident during puberty, the age where our youngsters grow up into teens. While some cases on underarm sweating is not permanent and may be treated, this problem may continue for the rest of your life if you don't give proper attention to it.

Sweating underarms is something which happens usually enough as you do some more energetic activities or become exposed to a relatively high temperature. What is considered excessive perspiration is sweating underarms in any circumstances, regardless of temperature or the vigor of your activity. Scientifically termed axillary hyperhidrosis, underarm sweating is the result of overactive sympathetic nerves which stimulate sweat glands. This problem is usually coupled with palmar hyperhidrosis or sweating palms. Excessive activity in the sympathetic nerves is uncontrollable and may happen whether or not your stress level is high.

The exact cause for excessive sweating underarms varies from one person to another. Unhealthy diet may be one reason, lifestyle yet another reason. Weight problems amplify extreme sweating; in cases like these, losing several pounds may be the solution to sweating underarms. Natural food is recommended while processed food is frowned upon. Shedding some weight might help your problem with sweating underarms although weight problems shouldn't be confused to be the real cause of sweating issues.

Another cause may simply be the clothing you choose. A lot of people who maintain healthy diet and lifestyle still suffer from sweating problems and this happens apparently due to the inability of their skins to breathe through the clothing. Cotton is the friendliest fabric when it comes to dealing with sweating problem.

Sweating underarms may also happen because of stress or anxiety. Keep track of the rise of your excessive sweating underarms and figure out if it is caused by the rise of your stress level. Thus you can learn stress management skills in the hope to help manage your sweating problems.

Ways to stop excessive perspiration on our underarms are numerous. You need to study and try them to find the best one for yourself. Deodorant may work to cover the smell but it merely treats the symptoms as the saying goes and doesn't address the problem, let alone fix it. Antiperspirant works well for people with milder cases of excessive sweating underarms but extreme cases need more than over the counter antiperspirant preparation.

As mentioned before, one of the many natural ways to deal with profuse sweating is to modify your diet. Natural, unprocessed food helps your body function at its most natural state thus helps improve the working of your glands. Sweating is the body's way to cool itself and drinking plenty of water helps keeping your body's temperature down.

Herbs can be taken as tea to help reduce extreme volume of sweat and stop perspiration. The ones which works well include St. John's Wort, astragalus, sage and valerian root. Kava Kava is another herb which has shown considerable success even if its original purpose is to treat anxiety. The herb however has some side effects and can be unstable when mixed with other herbs. Consultation with a qualified herbalist is important before you give Kava Kava a try to help with your sweating underarms.

Smoking and caffeine intake stimulates sweating so it is a good idea to cut back on cigarette and coffee when you have sweating underarms. Keeping your underarms clean and dry at all times is definitely another way to help with sweating problem.

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