'Life' is a long journey and it brings various turns with it with respect to the time. The parts of life we see are happiness, sorrows, success, failure etc. But we dont see the factors which brings happiness and success. It is the positive attitude. we all do have positive attitude inside us but its hidden somewhere inside us and we keep it inside unseen.

So, just think what you want in your life success and happiness or saturnine situations and failure ? Look inside you , feel your responsibilities towards your life, arise a hope inside you to achieve something and go for it with a positive attitude. Don't underestimate yourselves, think as you are the same as others . you do also have the same brain and capability as others. Everyone has its own capabilities . Realise your capabilities and just use it to achieve your target in the life. And you will see that all the parts of the life will be in favour of you.

Don't be a loser in life . Always just keep trying and trying until you achieve your goal. Failure does not make you to lose your life, don't take it as in a negative way. you should learn from your failures and take tips from it and don't repeat the mistakes that you have done . Do the things which are morally correct to you. Respect your parents, respect others either its a human being or an animal. Help the needy, these are also the ways of positiveness in life. Analyse yourself and your life . Think what will make you happy morally and move ahead towards it. Don't look back towards your results, just keep moving forward.

There is no one in this world who does not have problems in his/her life, but persons who are and who were successful are the one who had lived their lives with a right attitude i.e. "positive attitude". So, there is nothing impossible in life but you must know the correct reason to achieve the goal in your life.

"Everyone can swim with the streams , but successful are those who swim against the streams and make their way to survival". Either you are a person with abilities or some disabilities there is nothing which you can't do in life to achieve happiness ,success and satisfaction. So, just live your life in a "positive attitude".

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This is my first article on this site. I am an engineering student and I like to write. So please send your views and suggestions regarding this.