Actually this might look like an argumentative innuendo against existing relevant opinion.
But it is not so. Without fear of contradiction I can boldly say the world metamorphoses each day; basically for the unavoidable impact of 'change'. History has it that the world does not look like it was before. And this has procured an effect on the humanness of humanity.

Explaining from the automobile realm; it is more than lucid that vehicles don't use to be what they are. The Pasat of the past cannot be compared to the Ferrari of the future.

Meanwhile, this is as a result of a quark of change. The twitching of the lips or the hollowing of the cheeks' dimples is not excused from the sporadic touch of change. Although this is called smile, yet it has become excruciatingly difficult to sieve out smile from grimace - just like the good seeds from the tares.

Life has changed so likewise smile. It will be so myopic to retain the picture of smile as that which shows friendliness or which refreshes soothing experiences. Relaying the bizarre memoir of Captain Carter (Uncle Jack) Edgar Rice Burroughs in his "Princess of Mars" wrote: "But I was to learn that the Martian smile is merely perfunctory and that the Martian laugh is a thing to cause strong men to blanch in horror." With the extremities of life and the exigencies of human folk, the above conception of Martian smile now perfectly pictures what smile is in our globe; not only in the traditional Japan.

Kudos to Psychologists that spent their costly time butchering mere smile into 3 kinds: Duchenne Smile, Non-duchenne smile and Botox smile. But human activity has relapsed these theoretical facts into hypotheses that float unguided on the ocean of thoughts. They are now all the same.

The laughing Gautama and the Da Vinci's La Jaconde (Mona Lisa) are historical artifacts showing the erstwhile positive notion of smile. If smile is still same as in those ages what current support exists for this? We are now in a world where smiling is human but to divine is divine.
Was the Serpent's face distorted when he dethroned humanity? Smile cannot be what it was in a world where the beginning of a single motherliness or fatherless childhood is the smile of a seemingly responsible suitor. The mildness of smile is questioned when through it masculine treasures are burgled after few pico-seconds of dotty dating. Many youths have been internationally bankrupt in consequence to brief flattering smile on web cams.

Old age becomes dotage when grey hair is soiled by the subtle smile of modernity. Innocence should be erased from this lexicon if on the basis of smile an Admiral can heartily untie a gift of bomb from an armless admirer. The earth has turned into a mystical geodic dark cave. Hollow dimples may harbor fangs. Friendly lip twitching can turn out fiendish.

These antecedents do not necessary surmise that true smiles are no more. But with the counter examples the opinion expressed here will not be relegated to a mere hunch. With the initiation of globalization and modernization this is the new face of MR SMILE. Think about the last time you receive a sincere smile. How about you giving out one?

Smile is multi-dimensionally channeled; analyze well so you don't fall into the abyss of gnashing pain.
Zany smiles are now lost to the antiquity or restricted to the womb of an eternal heavenly tomorrow!

About Author / Additional Info:
Femi Omotoyinbo (Ph.B) is a well known writer deeply concerned on the musings on nature and the reactions thereof. He is a millennium christian philosopher; available through mobile and Email: +2348125280705,