Is there a chance for us to be selective about our thoughts? Or, is it in our hands to choose thoughts we like and discard such of them which we do not? We may make a conscious effort, but, generally there is no stopping the thought-process and we remain helpless when they begin haunting us. What harm will befall us if we think negative thoughts? The response is clear and we can assert that we can make or mar our personality depending on our thinking and it is the reason why we have to drive away retarding thoughts. Words as well as thoughts must be carefully selected. Our elders counsel to us that we should not utter inauspicious words. They believe that words uttered repeatedly without much thought may materialize into something concrete, unanticipated and undesired. It is to our disadvantage that our mind is always susceptible to suggestions, positive or negative. Each of our thoughts can leave a great impression on the mind. It is all right with us if it is a positive thought. If it is a negative thought, the mind is surely smitten. As the mind is more prone to assimilate a negative suggestion very easily, we have to exert care and avoid unhealthy thoughts lest we should fall victims to ourselves.

The world around us is so full of such things which we can not relish. Without our knowing, we are made to face the impact of several unpleasant experiences. In other words, garbage will pile up in the mind. Do we need add some more junk into our respective minds, in addition to that which is already dumped in?

In the day -to- day life, our minds receive the contribution of some filth from the people whom we know. If we pile up something more on our own, God alone can help us.

Our effort to keep our mind free from all kinds of poison must be deliberate. We should not wait for long before we eliminate each of our intruding thoughts. Whenever a sequence of thoughts come in a stream, let us get alert immediately and aim at constant eradication. In keeping our mind in a vacuum, we can seek the help of prayers and we can meditate on conventional lines. Let us take recourse to a pastime and let us explore all possible ways, clearing our mind of all debris.
When thoughts become pestering and when they lead us into a stressful condition, we have to leave the scene of our present activity immediately. We can for instance go for a walk for a brief while. There is a chance of the physical activity being useful in evacuating the mind. Though an absolute Buddha-like Nirvana is not possible, we can certainly pass into a less troubling state.

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I am a Retired College Principal from Khammam and I now work as a Guest Lecturer in English at Colleges. I am a CHIEF ADVISOR at and answer career questions.