Let us mourn the death of December, 2012, the month passed away with deep grief in its heart but left an age old message ' Love Human Being ' . Unfortunately, the very first lesson a human being learn is 'LOVE' . When he comes on this earth . he is greeted with LOVE by parents , near and dear ones but with the passing years he forgets it and start humiliating the man kind in different ways. The word Crime cannot be limited to Murder, Rape, Robbery only ..even when we speak harsh to somebody , its a softer form of crime. Human being is a Gift Of One Superpower ,named GOD . How one can damage a gift is the question which is hard to answer.

Today, it is required to teach and remind the lesson of LOVE again & again, to one and all. If we look back at December month, the outrage of society, youngsters in particular, was actually the outcome of the failure of the very word 'LOVE' ','LOVE MANKIND'. All of the accused had a terrible past , deprived of love , they knew their own pains but as the word 'love' was missing in their dictionary so they could commit such a heinous crime without remorse .Our earth is burdened by many such souls who unfortunately never could understand the pains of fellow human beings . Women had been victims for centuries because they are the soft target but men are also vulnerable, the intensity may be low or high but 90 % cases proves atrocities on human being in one or the other way.

There are many more factors which leads to crime .The narrow mindedness in human being gives birth to the evils which ,if not controlled , takes the shape of crime. Another factor which contributes to crime is 'ego','greed' , till these exists ,the end of crime cannot be expected.

The recent incident of molestation which was an awakening call for our nation, jilted one and all.Stern Laws are in making .But truly speaking , no law can prevent a crime as criminals are not born, but they become so due to some unforeseen circumstances which mar their life. The education and upbringing is the real contributor to one's life style.

The voice last month was strong ' ' 'Respect Woman ' but do we say 'Respect Human being' . Yes , if so , the crime will reduce subsequently .This can be taught only at home or at schools .We have to ensure that we strengthen our relations within our family and our near by area.It sounds very unpractical but , all said and done, awareness in all means is the call of the day.

Now, is the time to break the ice ... each one of us has to take a lead to have a cool world. Let's not forget that our society is divided in three classes -poor/middle/Rich .while it is easier to teach the middle class ,it is the other two classes who are hard to be taught .Poor are all-time struggling for their livelihood whereas rich class has no time, to go into the depth of human relations. Many NGOs are working hard to teach the mankind lessons to the street children but the need of the day is that such pathshalas be open everywhere. We shall teach our workforce at home / workplace the meaning of love and pains and at-large , irrespective of the class every human being has to speak out this message to the fellow human being .When this chain is formed all over the world then only we can expect a cease fire of violence on women and men .. No law can otherwise bring the crime against human being down.


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