He comes from humble beginnings. He's just a regular guy. He's become a highly-successful and increasingly popular name in the ecommerce world. His name is Rich Gorman. Rich came from humble beginnings as an employee of CompUSA earning $8 per hour. How is he so successful today? As an affiliate marketing guru, Rich became rich through real-world experience, recognition of a dream and utter resolve.

As a graduate of Ohio University earning the honorable status of magna cum laude, Mr. Gorman set out to pursue an advanced degree from Harvard University. After he was immersed in the academic world once again, Rich read a motivational book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," on the advice of a friend. This book was all the inspiration he needed to put his studies on the back burner and release the emerging entrepreneur budding within him. He claims this book gave him the guidance needed to change direction from a more formal academic education to a more real-world approach based on tips and advice from already successful business affiliates.

As a motivated self-starter, this affiliate marketing guru went on to build several hundred sports-related internet shops including LSUshop.com and SeminoleShop.com. These efforts led Rich into more varied business ventures. His business history is impressive, with key management rolls dominating his long list of positions held. In 1997 he was Vice President of Business Development for the public company Andrx Corporation and Cybear. It was here that Rich was a key-player in devising ways to automated prescription data between doctor and pharmacy.

This highly successful affiliate marketing guru continued his climb up the corporate ladder serving as the Executive Vice President of Sales for a company with concentration in experimental specialty pharmaceuticals for dermatology. He later served as CEO for Key West Aloe, a company that manufactures and distributes cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. His most recent work experience includes tenure at the upper echelon of the corporate ladder. As President of Tiber Laboratories, LLC, Mr. Gorman built this company from ground up. His work here revolved around pediatric dermatology products.

The three-plus years that Mr. Gorman served as President of Tiber gave him the impetus and drive to embark on yet another business adventure. He is currently President of his own enterprise, Rich Gorman Enterprises, and offers business and consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry. As an affiliate marketing guru, Rich Gorman boasts and impressive resume built on sheer energy, drive and resolve.

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