One of the most complex objects in the universe is human brain which controls your memory. Scientists and neurologists are researching to discover the immense and incredible power of human brain.

Before moving on to the improvement part, first we need to know how our memory works. It works like an association. Every piece of information in our memory is related to other pieces in one way or other. For example, if anyone says the word "orange" it reminds you of color, fruit, round, sweet, juice etc. So in order to make your memory work effectively, all you need to do is try to associate one piece of information to another. Most of us have a good or above average memory but we just do not know how to use it effectively.
Here are some tricks that will help you to improve your memory power.

- Try to eat with your eyes closed. This is a simple exercise to the brain which may sound a little strange to you at first, but will help to improve your memory. When you eat with your eyes closed, it will make more parts of your brain work. Your visual power will be substituted by your sense of touch, smell and thus make your brain more active. And a more active brain results in better memory.

- Try to shop without a list. One of the reasons for not having a good memory is that you do not let it work so many times. Just think how you cut off the pressure from your brain by taking notes, making lists etc. So your memory does not face the push for remembering things and lets things fade away over time. Challenge yourself; try to keep the list on your memory rather than on a piece of paper. Categorize the goods (i.e. food, beverage, toiletries) or use memory aids to recall the list. Observe how many of the items you can keep in mind to buy.

- Try to do some out of the box activities. When our brain gets accustomed to do the same thing day after day it becomes devoted to that habit only. It is a bad habit. Try something very simple but new, like taking a new route to work, or trying some new tricky games. It is not necessary to do something very tough or innovative. Switching your activities to a different level is the important thing here, which will keep your brain alert in carrying out new tasks.

- Memorizing new words can be a good way of improving your memory power. There are some websites like which will send you a new word every day. Take a quiz at the end of the week to evaluate your memory power. Always keep in mind one important thing that is never given up the habit of reading. It is the most effective way of improving your memory.

Everyone does not inherit or possesses a photographic memory. If you want you can improve the power of your memory, all you need to do is to keep it working in an effective way for the improvement.

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