Charity, they say, begins at home but, I tell you, it is economy that really begins at home. Living on this globe all entails economy. Our existence is all about earning and spending. Human existence is solely concerned with getting a livelihood from nature. We strive to survive. Economy might be anything to anybody, but economy is our day to day attempts to sustain our survival in this globular world.

In the underdeveloped world-where I belong-both wealthy and pauper do talk about economy with their sharp conclusions clawing their fingers to the government: "Our government is at fault, it does not know how to manage the importation and exportation systems." Or "our government is foolish, it does not stop its relations with its poor neighbours and then get ideas from the richer continents." The above are mere veils that are blocking us from knowing that we are government(s) ourselves and that economy really starts from our rooms.

Nobody is born dough in hands. None is born rich or poor, we make ourselves so. How do you manage your home as a father? The worst pauper can be with the worst (least) currency, how do you manage it? The world we exist in, starts from nothing. The question is how do you manage your Nothing?

As a head of your family, you should not think that the best way to manage your nothing is to lean on friends for change, jokes and wine. You wake up early and look sadly at the lean roaster that woke you. You failed to know why the roaster never dies. You are its owner you have no food but the roaster is so happy that it can crow. Instead of finding means of managing your nothing, you complain about the government or you follow your myopic friends and get drunk with unpaid wine: just to get relieved. Every sentence starts with a letter. But Mister, you have thrown away your first letter, you now use your nothing negatively-bouncing on your wife or wives, so as to produce Comrades in poverty instead of Very important Persons .

You mismanage your nothing when you fold your arms -with your family in the harmattan of poverty. You never pack your dirts when they are refuse but you labour over them when they become sewage. Maybe you manage to get a second hand car , and your shoes will not stop resting on the pedals. A little disagreement with your spouse you head straight towards you car and zoom off. You like zooming off everywhere. The plugs are wet you throttled on, the gaskets are burnt you still zoom on. The tyres are worn out yet you never stop skidding. Now that the whole car is down -you now toil to repair. You now hiss and curse your government. Is it your government that disallows you to repair the first little malfunction? Most men are like this. They have forgotten that a stitch in time saves nine.

Many are too masculine that their spouses are not more than serfs. Their children in tattered clothes, their wives almost tempted to fall apart yet they go on whistling. They have no investments. Or let us say they have little investment. For the little they earn, they invest in the buttocks of subtle girls and voluptuous women. With their meagre earnings they boast to be men; spending extravagantly to show how rich they are. There are many to say but a word should be sufficient for the men indeed!

Apart from the Indies, women in Africa are the most beautiful all over the world. But little are not unwise. Most of them will not stop relying on their husbands for any sort of expenditure. "The stove is cold because the husbands purse is dry!" I think being a wife connotes being a companion, a helper and not a burden. You are a mother of a home, but you wake up only to sit and gossip; targeting costly cosmetics and make-ups. At the end you join your lazy colleagues in hissing choruses against the government.

It is never the fault of most women that they are poor. Maybe it is their husbands that do not want them to work but just to stay as a full house wife. They are too foolish and or lazy for supporting such view. If your husband drop dead; what do you become?

Some also mismanage their nothing; instead of joining their counterparts in labouring and working, they laugh at them. Trusting their upholstery buttocks to soak out money from other women's husbands. Yes money may come from these horse-bands but troubles will come too. Labouring on bed is no labour. It is best to earn pure money through godly sweats.

Women -no doubt- belong to the gender that has the highest potential of being wealthy. Apart from the damned bottom power. The agility and eagerness for prosperity is innate in their nature. In fact, to be lackadaisical is not feminine. But some breeds of women are worst than lackadaisical. They like to be respected without doing anything respectable. They hate risking anything at all. When you tell them "why do not you try this?" their reply will be: " you know, I am a woman". Nowadays only few women live by the feminist aphorism: 'what a man can do, a woman can do better.'

On a final note, Human beings-both male and female- are infused, as special creatures, to bring out something from nothing. What do you do with your nothing? Most of the blames given to government are really ours. The government is human and hence can not solve all our problems. It is worthy of note that primitive people were, according to history, living well in the state of nature before the advent of state or government. Why not now? People who are in government are same people like you and I. They are selected or elected to manage our universal economy for us. But the economy is most times mismanaged because they are already bankrupt in their home circles therefore they easily become bank-corrupt nationally. Let us start repairing our economy right from our homes and we will see that the society will beam with bliss for all.

About Author / Additional Info:
Omotoyinbo Femi is one of the outstanding [growing] writers in Africa; a student of nature. He is also growing in God's vineyard. For comments, suggestions and any academic request mail him on