The aim is the point to target which you want to achieve may be of short term or long term depending on the set of the aim. Without aim a life is meaningless because everything we gain comes to us when it is set in aim. Aim is set by our conscious mind our brain ware when it attached by sub conscious mind which is working 24 hrs 365 days. Our sub conscious mind doesn't know any positive or any negative thoughts. Now thoughts comes from our eyes whatever we see it becomes our thoughts our mind is a thoughts machine. We have to feed the positive thoughts to our sub conscious mind because thoughts become things. Setting the aim should be very clear as clear as a glass and do a hard work on it so that some small obstacles cannot stand as a big one. To get the achievement in the aim have to do some compromises, some self sacrifice. Aim comes from what you want it stands as a aim Our aim should be like a burning desire do or die. After these giving up activity the achievement comes very smoothly.

Aim is like a seed which you have to sow and wait till the plants grow give the positive vibration. The negative vibration always gives the negative result so the aim which is set it started to distract and the achievement becomes harder. Mind gives the order to subconscious mind and it promises to obey the order so it is necessary to be alert that positive thoughts should be about your aim.

The achievement is our 'wanting' so it is very beautiful. And this beauty comes when some course of action is maintained in achievement is followed

a. SET THE AIM - aim setting should be like (the line which cannot be omitted). Put the date on your aim and fix that date. Pay some time limit to get the better result.

b. DO WORK ON IT - after the aim setting we must do some costly work, such as gathering knowledge, some paper work. Not only gather the knowledge it should be applied and go on doing the work consistently and persistently to get the cheerful success.

c. NEVER THINK OF NEGATIVE - this thought always brings unsuccessful in life. The negative thoughts will never think you to grow up it will pull you downwards.

d. FIX YOUR MIND ON YOUR AIM - mind and aim this is very important because if your mind is set the only your aim is set. In any cases your mind distracts from your aim then it will scattered . after that it will take some more time to full fill your aim.

e. FEEL HAPPIER AS YOU HAVE ACHIEVED - now this very essential part which is too be keep in mind. Because feeling happier can achieve everything. Visualize that you have already achieved your aim at your fix date. Don't keep doubt in your mind whether it is possible or not. Continue with your positive thoughts.

Thus this way you will hit your aim into achievement. While maintaining these achieving process everybody get success in there aims.

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