Happiness means different things to different people. For some it is the attainment of a life goal , for some others it is as simple as taking a daily morning walk , breathing in those fresh air and letting it purgate their soul and mind and enjoying the subtle nuances of nature's grandeur. It is intriguing to note that a simple expression like happiness has got a whole spectrum of meaning.

How do you define happiness? Let us reminisce back to those moments in our lives when we were truly happy, when we were floating atop the nimbus of euphoria. Are we able to articulate what it felt like to be happy and how this happiness has affected your sphere of existence? If we are able to define that state of mind and how it has affected us and everyone around us, then we have truly conjectured a meaning to happiness. Happiness is the most sought after thing in this world and unfortunately for some it remains a life long quest.

The road to consistent and sustained happiness calls for understanding some critical factors which contribute towards increased level of happiness. Some of them are:

Core Values and beliefs - our values guide our decision and as a logical extension our destiny. Knowing our values and beliefs and living by them paves the way for greater happiness in our life.

Be decisive - In order to live by our values and believe, we must act. Inactivity robs one out of happiness.

Goals - Let us set our goals and make sure that our goals are what we want them to be and do something each day for its attainment.

Gratitude - Be thankful for everything in life that we have.

Expand our mind with learning - Work constantly by engaging our brain and always explore new vistas of creative learning. Be receptive to the changes happening around us.

Keep ourselves healthy - One major part of happiness in good health. Therefore let us do whatever we can to stay healthy.

Be a positive influence on others - Always try to see the positive side in people and share our knowledge and wisdom with them.

Enjoy the good things in life - Enjoy the good things in life like reading a good book, watching a good movie , sharing a joke with you friends , doing an act of charity , taking a break and getting away to a place of quietude or exploring our spiritual self.

But most importantly, let us keep smiling. It is said that it takes more muscle to frown than to smile. So let us wipe that frown away from our face and replace it with a perpetual smile. A simple smile can do wonders ....it can make a sad person happy, it can change the life of a person, it can save a relationship and it can infect others positively....

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it ....
So let us start our journey in pursuit of happiness, everyday, with a smile.

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