What so ever he grounds to improve thyself is called self improvement. Self growth can never happen on its own and is not accidental one; it is supposed to be intentional. Change is important because if we do not change we may not be able to progress, and we have to ensure progress to live well in the current world. Change is must since even stagnant water starts smelling after some days so one has to have a dynamic personality to survive in a society he is a part of. Although there will always be people around who will go against your decision to change, so there has to be a strong commitment and dedication in the person who wants change in his personality.

Once intended to change there are some set of principles that needs to be followed. The first one is, do not just be an occasional learner, choose a life of growth, learn a lot. Read as much as you can since it will enable you to think and speak well and read just not the books only but anything that comes across you. Learn not only through books but attend as many workshops, seminars and events as you can. Since the only way you can improve your life is by improving yourself. The better skill you have, the often will you be chosen. Once you choose life of growth, start growing the very second since growth will not be automatic nor will anyone else be doing that for you and it is your own responsibility. The simple motto must be sooner, the better.

After you start developing your self you must be on developing yourself and not just fulfilling something. You need to know what you are born for and once you know that, you can fulfill most of your duties. If you succeed, you must not think yourself on the destination. Try and try hard to break your own records. Never settle in some comfort zone. Enjoy your accomplishments but head to even a far greater job. And once that element is added to your life make sure you are a continual leader. You just cannot think of development, you will have to make a stronger plan for it as well. If you have a plan for development you will show growth fast enough. Do understand that its not just self fulfillment you are heading for, it is self development where the focus is not to make any one happy but to find out your own potentials. Along with that you must know that mere learning is not enough. Find venues where you can apply your knowledge so you must find out where else can you apply what you, who will be interested in knowing all this. Whatsoever you do, make sure you and your life is not stagnant and keeps flowing towards growth. Once you have learned these principles ensure that you are dressed well, not necessarily with brands but with simple outfits that suits you well, make sure you wear a smile too.

Growth is necessary because the better you are, the more people will listen to you, the more you will be valued and above all you will develop greater potentials for tomorrow. You will have better tomorrow only if you shape your today in a beautiful way. The most important point is to find out all your strengths because nothing can be done without that while with the realization of self potential an individual can head towards any task with a positive attitude. It is said that if one gives one hour to a subject for one hour in five years, after five years he will be an expert of that subject. Which means that they just have to find out which subject to choose and then after that they need to put in the right amount of time for it which may not be too much once done for a certain period they will be experts of the subjects. So with this they just improved themselves and this improvement will help them in improving their personalities. The improvement in personality will get more confidence and this confidence will help them accomplish their goals.

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