To many people ambition is something which is inherent in them, something which they are born with. They consciously believe that it is not susceptible to improvement. But the truth is that ambition is very similar to passion which responds very quickly to cultivation. We need to constantly nurture and educate it or else it will wither away. Each and every one of us has got some latent talents waiting to be unleashed. The onus is on us to create milieus to let it flourish.

All of us are born with a repertoire of talents. As children we had umpteen avenues to explore and exhibit our potential. We always had the support and adulation of our near and dear ones to motivate us. As we grew, the avenues mitigated and our potentials start eroding. Our faculties become dull and soon lose their power of cognizance. Ambition is just like the muscles in our body. It needs to be constantly exercised and worked up to keep it sharp and defined. If we let opportunities to slip by, our proclivity will gravitate to dullness. We start questioning our own potential. Opportunities and meant to grabbed and utilized. It does not matter if we fail once or twice. But what counts here is the attitude and the indomitable will that is required to constantly follow our passion. The difference between success and failure is a thin line. To cross over, we greatly require the faculties of ambition to inspire ourselves to move closer our dreams. It is always ambition which helps in awakening the slumbering force in us.

So how to nurture the latent talent in us? Our views and aspirations are greatly affected by the world around us and the people whom we move with. When we are with people who always motivate us and enliven the spirit in us, it tends to make us more positive and augments our creative energies. On the other hand, when we move with people who always break our idol and denigrate our hope, it freezes our aspirations and vitiates our self confidence. Myriad things in life can titillate our ambition. It can be a great book which we have read, an inspiring talk by one of our idols, the companionship of someone who has tasted success, a perpetually motivating friend, an enlightening and life turning incident or our own conscious belief in bettering ourselves.

Ambition is contagious. When we are moving along with people who are climbing the ladders of success, it obviously stimulates us to struggle even harder and better ourselves in our performances and attitude towards life. By keeping close to people who understand us, believe in us and help us in discovering our innate talents, we consistently start to churn and bring out the positives in us and challenge ourselves with lofty ambitions.

Swami Vivekananda once said "Arise. Awake. Stop not till the goal is reached." Let's awaken our slumbering potential and stride towards a glorified future.

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