Smoking Addiction is usually chronic and runs for long duration or history as you do not smoke and kick the habit within a few months, unless you really are motivated to stop smoking. It is usually a disease where the addict becomes dependent on nicotine and naturally a smoking addict will be addicted to something like cigarettes or cheroots or any other form of smoking.

It is not easy to quit addiction to smoking, however if you consider the well being of self, family and friends, and the society as a whole, you will take it up quite seriously. Once you realize you have had enough of the troubles and miseries from consuming nicotine or tobacco, it is time to make an effective decision.

The first step in quitting smoke addiction is to be determined or forced to do so. You don't just need the willpower or patience to resolve your problem. It is not about cutting down the amount of nicotine you consume per day; it is about getting rid of the nicotine addiction once and for all.

Set an attainable quit goal. Have a look at a calendar and see what works for you. Two to four weeks is a good time to quit smoking. This should give you enough time to get used to the idea and to prepare yourself for it. Some people make the commitment to quit at the end of a pack.

Get rid of everything that could possibly be related to smoking. That includes any and all leftover tobacco products including chew, snuff, cigars and especially any cigarettes you might come across in the vicinity. You should also get rid of all your ashtrays, matches and lighters. Even if you just use them for burning incense or lighting candles, just get them out of the house for a couple of months.

Change your routine. This is a hard one, but necessary. When you feel the urge to smoke, try to go out for a walk, just long enough for the urge to pass. After a meal, instead of a smoke have yourself a hard candy or a piece of gum. Since many people have the tendency to trade tobacco with food, make sure you keep some healthy snacks on hand.

Avoid smoking triggers and start a smoking journal. For the first couple of months after quitting cigarette smoking, try hard to avoid the things that you know make you want to smoke. Some of the most common triggers are drinking alcohol, drinking coffee and hanging out with other smokers. Don't have so much that you lose your inhibitions. Stay strong willed and use of black teas are very good either straight black, or with some cream and sugar. When it comes to not hanging with smokers it can be difficult, especially if some of your close friends are smokers.

If you want to give up smoking then it means that you should stop consuming nicotine. And nicotine withdrawal is incredibly difficult and you might need professional help to be in control.

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