God might have had a total blueprint in His unfathomable mind at the time of creation of Man. He alone is a perfectionist and His intention is to keep His entire Creation free from all blemishes. But, Man proved himself to be on the contrary at the very beginning and violates the dictates of God. There was no stopping him from that point onwards and his foibles began proliferating. He will continue to blunder in future also, until God thinks of an alternative plan to see the foremost of His creation right..

In spite of his shortcomings, a man expects the other man to be wholesome. He can not account for his own mistakes, but he can map an entire life-style for the other man. He can excuse himself for several of his lapses, but if he finds the same lapses in the other man, he gets ready to undertake a reform. Mind, if we condone ourselves for a mistake, we can condone others' mistakes also.
Any reformation should begin at home .It is rather easy also to begin mending ourselves first. If we don't like the other's appearance, we can immediately verify whether we are up to the standard set by us. It is very easy creating certain parameters, but it is very difficult to rise up to the standards that we anticipate. . We don't like the way somebody walks, or, munches his food. But, we ignore the fact the other people may also have similar feelings and they may also abhor us for being what we are.

We have to bear with people for what they are. We can not undertake the process of their reformation and perhaps, they are also not aware of what they are. We have to be aware that it is highly difficult to make people live up to our values.

In a vast country like India, with millions and millions, several things keep occurring and we should be happy if we are not on the erring side. As we are an educated lot, let us see that we live up to the social norms. For that matter, we have to take an exclusive precaution to see that we are not pointed at. If we bother about our own ethics and maintain our rectitude in the day-to-day happenings, we can consider ourselves fortunate .We may not get even the slightest chance to give a piece of our mind to the next man and set a few things right .So, let us begin all kinds of reformation with ourselves. The aim is to perfect ourselves .Let us leave the streaming millions of India to the inclinations of God.It will be an irrational aspiration to attempt to transform them into a form of our choosing.None will choose to be like us.Our duty is to avoid ourselves being disgusting specimens for the other man.

About Author / Additional Info:
The Author is a Retired Principal and he now works as a Guest Lecturer at Colleges.Career-Counselling is his other activity and he is with shiksha.com as one of its Chief Advisers.