Why is the movie "The Secret" so popular?

I think the movie was invaluable in teaching us about the Law of Attraction: You Get What You Give! It really shows the power of positive thinking, regardless if you believe it's a physical power given by the universe or simply a way to prime your mind to recognize opportunity!

The Law of Attraction states that our thoughts create feelings, which will manifest into reality over time. That's pretty amazing! It's a testament to the power of positive thinking to see so many people being touched by this!

Sometimes, though, it seems that stresses in our life get in the way, and prevent us from reaching our potential.
And most of us- we know EXACTLY what this is. It could be one thing, or several, but we know. It's usually the things causing the greatest amount of stress in our lives, or the thing we find ourselves dwelling on.

What a lot of us suffer from is an overabundance of stress in our lives; Stress: the new "frenemy" in our lives. Thumbs down! What a crappy friend to have! Dump the loser, and start being friends with the cool kids, like Motivation and Inspiration!

Emotional Freedom Techniques is the secret behind why The Tapping Solution is so effective; as a combination of modern psychology and Eastern medicine are used during a "Tapping" session, you will see how any physical, emotional, and mental problems melt away within minutes!

The Tapping Solution proved so successful, the creators will be hosting the world-wide, online event The Tapping World Summit for the third year in a row....and, amazingly, kept registration to join for free!

The Tapping World Summit is a phenomenon, and some of the industry's biggest names have signed on for this year- Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton and Cheryl Richardson are some of the people who will be seen this year.

Last year, 200,000 people joined for the Tapping World Summit and saw massive change in their lives. They are expecting a rousing success this year, and the fact that you can benefit from the industry gurus for no money is astonishing.

This is the key to getting your life to go from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn from the best and implement what they tell you in your life. You will see nothing but success!

Self discovery is the key to having a fulfilled, enlightened life! Know thyself. Know what you can offer, both to yourself and the world. Go after it! You'll quickly see how fast it changes your life! You Get What You Give!

Go out and grab the life you deserve. The Tapping Solution is proving to be just the thing for many people. Are you ready to start your journey of self discovery?

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