Each of us works on different aspects and tasks every day. We have lot of things to do in our list. We never focus on how and when to do? By which we always forget to do some of the works or we may skip few work to finish that day's tasks. We act to finish the tasks by EOD. But due to unorganized way of working we tend to skip few tasks. Even though sometimes it may happen that after getting planned, organized and scheduled we may skip some work but the percentage is very low as compared to unorganized work. We do lot of things in our daily life either personal or professional. In the early morning when we think of some work we will plan that today we are going to complete this after office hours. But when you get struck in office or somewhere else with some other work we cannot really focus on that work and for the next day we feel the same and tend to finish the work. The work gets pending for some more days but it will not happen. We need to be organized and well planned for our routine work too. When we organize ourselves better we can organize things too. To reduce the stress activities and to have a smooth workflow we need to organize and schedule the work.

So how can we get organized? Let's have a brief discussion on this. We need to have a better plan on this. Each of us has different works and tasks to complete. Hence we need to plan accordingly. Let's make a planner for the daily work schedule. You may divide it into weeks and months too. But for us the important task is daily work. Let's initiate the schedule in two splits one is personal and other is professional (If you have). Make time schedules from morning 7 am to 10pm (i.e. from the start of your day to the end of day). Give a time gap of one hour in each split. Write down each work what you have to do on that day in a separate paper. Divide the works on priority basis. For ex: Put the important one which is must require to do on top of the table and then on. Again divide those into personal and professional. Write down those works as per scheduled and according to your time set. Write down all the works whether it is even a silly one too. Start your day with that. Review the paper in each one hour or two hours. It may happen that you can forget to review also by getting struck in some other work. It is better to put down some reminders in your mobile. Try to complete the work according to your plan this may not happen right away but on practice you can achieve some percentage. In the night just review what you have done on that day and compare the sheet with that. Try to find out the reasons, why the work did not happen if so? Then plan accordingly for the next day. If you are on the right path then get continued to that.

Be planned for your EMI's, Insurance payments, other payments, and personal expenditure on an advance with a budgetary schedule which can help you to reduce stress and get the work completed on time. Even at present we do have lot for options in Microsoft outlook calendar and in mobiles too. Hence it is advisable to be planned and organized to make the work as a smooth flow.

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Note: This is just an Opinion of getting organized. By practicing we may get some good results which is happening too. This is not to point out or to make a point that you will get 100% out of it.
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