Its quite a true saying that karma spares none.
But what exactly karma is ?
Well, the deeds or the actions we perform counts upto our karma.
Call it a good deed or a bad. Both have a "cause and effect" relationship.
We do good, we get good.
We do bad, we get bad.
In short "what we sow is what we reap".
Ethically, the individual is considered to be the sole doer and enjoyer of his karmas.
Its the karma that decides our future, our luck, our destiny.
Since childhood we are being taught "karam karo , fal ki chinta mat karo".
Thats true, our job is to perform, work, and work as hard as we can.
Destiny has to change and it will change.
Its our hard work (our karma) that will force our luck to change.
Just sitting back and relaxing would not get us all the luxuries or just praying and sitting in the temple all day long wolud not help us achieving our goal.
We have to do something to get something.
We all see dreams, but turning those dreams into reality asks for karma.
To be successful we have to perform and yes, perform for the good.
And not only our good, but for the Society's sake as well.
Every man participates in the creation process of karma, whether it is a personal karma, a group's karma or a nation's karma,
because karma is not made only by actions but also by words and thoughts - nobody can live without the mind. And we always deal with
thoughts that ripen to words and actions.
We can not be mean enough to get our goal.
Thinking good for others has broad perspective to karma too.
We have to be helpful, we have to be kind, we have to be honest and positive for everyone around us.
Thinking bad for others would not do us any good, instead would make us bad.
There is a reason why people love Gandhi ji and hate Hitler.
Their karma made us love them or hate them.
Peoples prayer and curse do count up in the end
Becoming successful is not easy, each and every step in the stair case checks us , our work, our ability to make others happy with our work.
We cannot go on destroying others for our success.
People love us for not what we are ,but for who we are.
Everything is karma. From helping someone to helping yourself.
From making some one happy to making yourself happy.
For working hard for yourself to working hard for others.
What we think is what we speak. What we speak is what we perform and that performance decides our future, our destiny.
Therefore, the most effective way how to create good karma is to be aware of our thoughts and reject all dark ideas immediately in their earliest beginning.

Life is not about how many years we have lived, its about making each and every moment count.
The first way how to change our life is to become aware of what we are actually sowing.
If we kick people, then we will receive our kicks back later.
If we steal, then the same thing, too, will happen to us...
So it is the completely simple principle -
You just need to watch the life around you and perceive human lives and life situations.

Do not forget your destiny is in your own hands, and your karma unfolds from your thoughts you deal with right now in your mind
-because everything what happens takes always place in the eternal presence.

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