Time is an essential factor in our life .So often we do not realize this and later we regret for the time we have wasted and we see that we do not get the lost time back. Therefore we need to use the time that has been given to us properly. Time management is the optimal use of the time you have.

We need to manage our time for various reasons,if we would not be able to finish what we have planned in the right time .The main purpose of managing time is to provide for cost-effectiveness. You need not spend your time in planning alone but can also do your work effectively to the maximum potential and bring success to the organization.

Time wasters are those which interrupt in managing our time. Managers have a lot of work and they can be easily disrupted by these time wasters which come every day. Some of the time wasters are poor planning which can lead to waste of time, resources as well as personnel. Careful time management requires the manager to plan ahead of time for the future .Failure to establish goals and to set targets and objectives or plan strategies to accomplish goals is all time wasters.

Next, time waster is unwilling to say "no". This becomes a major issue .I order to please others; managers might nod their heads to all that their superiors or their employees ask for .A manager has to be assertive to say "NO" to matters which are more than his capacity.

Poor listening and memory can also be a time waster because the manager who does not listen to issues or the problems that is in his company can not take decisions to the maximum and he might also not know what to do next if he forgets things.

Lack of delegation: A manager who does not delegate his work might not be able to reach the goals. He will be stressed and overburdened and he will feel as if he cannot move forward.

Procrastination of work can make the manager struggle during the final war. The warrior has to prepare himself for the battle and has got his soldiers ready to face the challenge without waiting for the last day. Likewise the manager has to do his work the same day to avoid later struggles. Procrastination is one of the banes of society. There are many people who put off working and this causes them to suffer a great deal. In fact, most people lose their jobs because of this.

Indecisiveness: It is the major cause of time wasting. Proper wise decisions help a ruler to take his people forward. Likewise a manager has to make decisions using his creativeness, logical and empirical thinking and make wise decisions.

Haste: A stitch in time saves nine "and "Make hay before the sun shines" are very old proverbs but they teach a lot for us .We should never neglect and ignore the time given to us.

Ineffective use of the transition time or the time available can be a great time waster. Cumbersome work, poor filing system of the important records can all steal your precious time.

Therefore be careful in saving and making use of every second in your life. Beware of these time wasters and identify your time wasters and organize your time.

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