When we wake up the initial movement is towards discerning whether there is any thing new in store for us in the world. Is it a fresh day, or, will it turn out to be as any other day that was past? Each day is a day of hope and the beginning is always with a high degree of anticipation...
There is the same bustle of human activity all around as the day progresses. The vehicles are on their move. An Emergency Ambulance Van passes blaring its siren. The people whom we witness as part of our daily chores are making their household visits-the newspaper boys make their door-to-door deliveries and the milk -vendors distribute sachets of milk and the servant-women knock on the doors for their daily visit which is belated every day. The new day is hoisted as was done the previous day. It's a new today and we assure ourselves that it is unlikely that it will be like the past one.
We are back to our musing on whether every minute can be fresh. Does God, the Creator, takes his benignant responsibility for transforming our each minute into a novel experience, loading it with excitement? For our numerous daily happenings, we drag Him into the role of an overseer, making Him our figurehead.

If minutes are not rolling in a fresh series, we are also to blame ourselves. We don't make such an attempt that each minute has a promise of new experience. If we don't plan our activity for the coming minute and if we suffer from bouts of lethargy, there is no other to hold responsibility.
We are counseled that we have to fill each minute of our life with the maximum degree of mindfulness. Never leave the mind unattended to. Let the mind be guided into an activity that it has no chance for it to play devil with us. Filling the mind each minute is also a deliberate activity. We have to tend to the mind, or else, it is back to its mischief and we are back to the feeling of being in a muddle.Man has always been aspiring for freshness and he will never let go his longing for a minute.When he wakes from his sleep, he begins the day with a zeal that it can not be just one more day ,or like a day that has become a part of the past.It must be a fresh start and a fresh day.As he inspects the things around,he is keen to know whether there are any promises left in the day.He has made it his dictum to go in for a novel thing,success or failure.There is no stopping him and he will forge ahead.He has created civilization after civilization with this exclusive note.He won't leave his future bereft of his determined desire for novelty.

About Author / Additional Info:
the author is a retired principal and lecturer and presently works as a Guest Lecturer in Khammam,AP.