ANGER means annoyance,rage,irritation and a lot more but basically it is an emotion which every human soul have. Anger is one thing and to be angry is totally different. Do people laugh all the time? or cry all the time? Are people happy all the time? or sad all the time? the answer to these questions is NO....because all these emotions come with time and so does anger. but as we control all other emotions we should also have a control over our anger as this emotion never make us gain but we can lose tons of priceless things. In todays world where people have no time to think ,they often get confused between emotions. They get angry on a thing which they could have said politely.

The losses we do to ourself due to our short-tempered nature are:
1. We loose friends, relations etc.
2. We spoil our nature.
3. People are afraid to talk to us as no one knows our reaction the next minute.
4. We make our life more tough.

When a person is angry he does not think what he is saying or doing which means that we become a slave or we are dominated by our emotion which is a hurdle on the path of our success. I don't say never get angry because when god and saints too become angry then we are only humans but do not let your anger rule your mind. some people will not listen to the whole thing and react in anger.This shows how badly they are beaten by their anger. People get angry and say sorry but does that really help? NO because sorry is for those things which we wont repeat so think before saying a sorry.
LORD BHUDDHA has rightly said "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it on to someone else, you are the one getting burned".

Let us take an eg. a mountain which has lot of greenery becomes a place to visit but nobody dares to move close to a volcano erupting mountain .Similarly a person even after having all the qualities but if gets angry easily then looses friends and relations and all the qualities fade away.
At last i would say "anybody can get angry , that is easy but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time for the right purpose and in a right way-that is not easy and not within everybody's power."

Therefore i would conclude my words by requesting you all to control your anger and be patient because remember "what we give ,come back to us".

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