Every person has various personalities that vary from one person to another person. Personality is not only an outlook expression, but also character what they have within. For example, one person says that he has a good personality because he is always wearing well look dresses and speaking very good language. Another one person says that the person who has the helping mind has good personality. Like that every person has different approach about the personality. No one says that this is the good definition for the personality. Everyone should understand that personality is a combination of character and way of approaching. The personality is considered by their helping mind, mental ability, way of approaching, politeness, patience, and way of dressing. The person who has good personality must understand the problem of others in a good manner and must try to solve the problem without getting any problem himself. He is always ready to help another without any expectation.

Every person must improve their personality in a good manner. The person who wants to improve their personality should have "3S" them self. The 3S denotes that Self-confidence, Self-respect, and Self-responsible. Self-confidence is the believable of himself about their strength. He must have the confidence himself that I can do it better than anyone which must be a great word echoing within him at any stage. Self-respect is character of giving respect not only to others but also to the character of himself. He must encourage their good ways, willingness to do a good action, and feelings. If you respect the feelings of yourself, then only others will respect your feelings. Self-responsible is the responsibility to do an action. The good personality person must have ability to lead other persons in a coordinate manner. He must coordinate all the persons in a same way to reach the targeted goal.

Communication is an important category to improve the personality. We should communicate in a kindly manner and try to make others to be happy by our good words. Our words should be very understandable to everyone including uneducated persons and should not hurt anyone. We have to obey good words told by anyone and we have to follow them. We should not speak unnecessarily that makes others to be irritated. We have to respect others and help to express their feelings. Punctuality is also a good one. We should follow the punctuality that makes good opinion on us. Always be a smiling face that will help to attract each other.

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