My friend after being pestered 24/7 by me to read my blog & comment got fed up!! What followed were a couple of questions. "Why do you write blogs??" The looks that followed implied that "How do you find time to write blogs?"

Just like any Saas Bahu serial; "Why" kept echoing in my mind. After all there has to be some compelling reason for me and others to write blogs. Does it add any value to the organization?? Do I waste productive hours for nothing?

Let me explain how I manage to find time to write blogs. Writing is just a medium to express your thoughts. After all most of us think and then write and not other wise. Like mathematics; you solve the question in mind and putting the solution on paper is the easiest part. Hence it does not take lot of time to write if the road map of thoughts already exists in brain.

So how does writing a blog add value to my daily activities? Well in my case most of my deliverables are document .. All of these documents do require a content which is simple and articulate. Even emails can be written in a better way. After all just like any blog; it does need to create interest in the readers along with articulating the main theme. It should make an impact just as any good blog. Hence if one has been working to develop the competency of articulating the thoughts in a simple and effective way; it will surely reflect in the quality of such deliverables.

If we explore this thought in a larger context; can any form of creativity, not related to the profession, add value to the daily work that we do as professional?

Any creative process starts with a thought. The thought needs to be crystallized. This would in turn require a careful planning and execution. The thoughts are generated if we are aware and have a keen sense of observation. Passion and commitment acts as a catalyst .They guard against any premature thoughts of failure. Creativity also strengthens the right forehead activity which helps in lateral thinking. An employee armed with lateral thinking; coupled with these competencies can bring substantial and incremental value to the table. Curiosity (awareness) is often the beginning of creativity. A case in point is the invention of Teflon. Though it was an accident; its application to myriad products was possible because the chemist didn't throw away the accident but was rather curious to know more about it. Hence creativity can lead to innovation is not a wildly implausible thought. It is also my view that creative endeavor of any kind encourages people to collaborate. Collaboration in turn leads to more creativity.

To sum up involving in any creative process helps an individual to develop certain competencies. These competencies when applied to his professional skill set can add value in his profession. So this means that your passion to crystallize your thoughts through words can also help you to create world class document for the organization.

Each one of us is creative in our own way. An individual should recognize it and an organization should help create an ecosystem to nurture it. There could be various other creative activities which can impact other roles and responsibilities. I wish some of you can share your own experiences about how pursing any creative process have helped to do your jobs better.

PS: Went to inform my friend that I have responded to his questions on my blog. He was angry and said there was no need to write another blog and waste my time!! He was not happy with all the " Tamasha" created by me.

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