We live in an ostentatious world puckered with grandeur, opulence and a veneer of humanity. Our beliefs and values are often squandered and relegated to the lower echelons of our mind. In this backdrop what does it mean to lead a simple life? Can we inculcate the habit of simplicity in each and every deed that we indulge in? It is possible. When we were born, life was so simple and easy. When we looked at the world with a child like wonder, everything had a meaning. When the fire crackers festooned the skies with a myriad formation, we might have jumped up and down in euphoria. But little did we notice the eerie darkness which followed those brilliant displays of colors. We are now grown ups and we have been conditioned to behave like grown ups. But still we throw lot of money for many things to get that momentary happiness. We don't realize that this happiness is short lived like the illuminated sky on a Diwali (an Indian festival of lights ) night. Simplicity, in a nut shell, means the ability to derive happiness from the naiveties' of life, to find joy in each and everything that you do and most importantly to have a deep self awareness.

Greatness is always considered to be in congruity with simplicity. Many great men like Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda have led simple lives. They have done matters of complexity in a simple way. The simple concept of "Satyagraha" spouted by Mahatma Gandhi could ward off the evils of the "British Raj" successfully. A simple walk to Dandi created a fracas in the British administration. . These simple measures were far more effective that the of superfluity of guns needed to win the battle We rarely find people with such tenacity and an indomitable will who do things consciously in a simple but effective way. That's the hallmark of greatness!

When you are traversing in a thick forest, it is common practice to stop and look back intermittently to have a glimpse at the way you came. Life is also like that. We need to look back constantly and judge ourselves about the way we are going. Are we going in the right path? Do we need to go back and see where we went wrong and make amendments to correct it? These are simple things, if practiced, can change your life for ever. To lead a life of simplicity, you need to have a strong value system. Your value system shapes your beliefs, your habits and ultimately your character.

Only do things that is needed to be done , only buy things that is needed to be bought , only say things that is needed to be said and only live a life that is needed to be lived. The bloated balloon may look very colorful and nice, but always remember that the air inside the balloon is the same as the air outside. Once it is pricked, it becomes one and the same.

Live a life embellished with the values of simplicity so that you got nothing to lose but everything to gain .............

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