I am writing this article to spread the message that "a good book is a man's best friend".
In our day-to-day life we might have realized that there are some days when we don't find anything to do and start cribbing that our life has become boring and say "my life has become very boring. There is nothing to do"........
My friends!!! It looks like we have achieved everything in our life and there is nothing else left to do, isn't it? But the fact is life is too short and the reason we feel bored is because we ourselves have made it boring.
Come on, get up. Do anything that you like, cook something, go to a temple, solve some puzzles, call up a friend, read a book...Ahh!! Here it is.

I have felt the magic of books on myself. They take you to a completely different world.Go to a bookstore and pick up any book that you like and start reading. You will feel you are in a different world. A good book not only helps you in passing away your time but also improves your reading and writing skills, improves your concentration, replenishes the lost energy within us and changes the way we look at our lives.

Life is not only about achieving anything, life is made up of a collection of those beautiful moments which we experience in the process of achieving our goals. So don't waste those special moments, they will never come back to you again. Start reading and you will realize the essence within them. Sometimes I wonder why people run away when they are asked to read a book. I have heard people saying "Oh no!! I can't read these books now. I will download some materials from internet". We need to remember one thing that computer can never replace books.Agreed that they are a fast means of achieving success but once again, they cannot replace books. If someone doesn't find the contents interesting, its totally understandable, but avoiding them means you have no interest in learning or gaining knowledge. Life is not only about earning money. Its about gaining knowledge as we earn. We may become millionaires or billionaires, but the moment we stop learning we transform into those stagnant pools which eventually start stinking as the water doesn't flow.

So pick up a book from your shelf and believe me, if you make a habit of reading at least one page a day, you will find a new hobby for yourself.

They are those silent friend of yours, who have been there with you right from the time you learnt the first alphabet of your name. They don't complain, so don't complain about them.

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