Hi My name is Nikki, I live in Somerset, UK and now the Director of FirstBase Freight Ltd. This is a car shipping company and we ship any vehicle anywhere in the UK or Overseas. I believe that positive thinking can and will eventually turn you around and get you to where you want to be in life. The key is never to give up hope. and remain positive.

I thought my life was over on a few occasions, everything I touched just seem to crumble before my very eyes. My marriage failed, my previous business was a disaster as my partner stole alot of money from me. My family was so dysfunctional even the animals wouldn't stay in the same room as us.. No only joking but life seemed one big struggle to say the least.

Then one day I got up out of bed and thought, 'That's it! I've had enough of failing'. So I started researching 'self improvement techniques', read books, listened to Cd's. I realised that I was bringing all this negativity to myself, I'd forgotten how to feel good about anything, instead I allowed one miserable episode to follow another and before you know it you're on a slippery slope with no where to go but down.

I read the book called 'The Secret', yes I know this book has been around for years but the tips in their are second to none. I started saying positive things every day, I even wore an elastic band on my wrist to snap it every time a negative thought entered my head.. My god my wrist was black and blue in the beginning!! My mind was so consumed with dark and negative thoughts I didn't realise just how bad things where until I stood in the checkout of a local supermarket snapping my elasic band, like I was someone demented....

Well thankfully for my wrist anyway, I was able to change my mental habit of thinking negatively and replaced each thought with something positive. That's when my life started to turn around. I've never looked back and no longer wear my trusted elastic band around my wrist!!

The fact is we need to look within if things aren't going right in life and change the way we think. Positive mental attitude really does work. You can have anything in life your heart desires, you just have to believe it and keep believing!!

About Author / Additional Info:
Have you ever thought that life could get no worse, then it just did? Well that's how I felt for years. I actually thought I had a curse over my head. Then I read the book 'The Secret'. If you haven't already read it I suggest that you do.