The line between success and failure is very thin. For a 100 meters sprinter, it may be 0.71 seconds. For a Formula One driver, it could be around 1.54 seconds. For an Olympic gold medalist, it is that extra hour of practice everyday.

As you are aware, water boils at 100 degree centigrade. At 99 degrees it may not produce steam. The extra degree makes all the difference. Similarly, in life and in work, it is that extra degree of effort and involvement which separates the good from the great. If we give our best out there, the results come pouring. Had it not been, the world would have been so different today. Many inventions and discoveries would not have happened. Having a clearly defined goal and vision can capture the mind and imagination. It can cut through the fog like a beacon of light.

Human body is synonymous with an Organisation. If our legs do not work properly, we will not be able to reach the destination in time. If our hands are dysfunctional, we will not be able to work properly. If our mind is not functioning properly, it will deride our intellect and the ability to engage in cognitive thinking. In a nut shell, the involvement and coordination of each and every part is imperative for the body to function normally. The same logic applies for an organisation too. The involvement of all the employees, irrespective of the cadre, is necessary to enable the organisation to function effectively.

Apart from involvement, there should be coordination among various units / sections of the organisation for collective brilliance in performance. If we keep the flour, sugar, egg and butter separately, we cannot have a cake. We need to mix everything in the right proportion and involve all the ingredients in the right measures to make a sumptuous cake. Every one is unique and has got a vital role to play in organisational growth and development. The efforts that we put in are like the oil we add to the fire. The more the oil, the brighter will be the flame. Similarly, the more our efforts, the greater will be the organisational glory. The world is like a mighty ocean . We just need to contribute our drop.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said "Nothing is impossible". To rephrase it in the current context would be "Nothing is impossible for a person who has a got a clear cut mission, a vision, a passion and an undying thirst to excel and bring glory to the self and the organisation.

Let us resolve to do our bit and strive for personal excellence.

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