" Life is an ice cream to taste , a hurdle to face , a trophy to chase , a adorable showcase and till the end race " . What we see is false , what we feel is true and sometimes we don't get a clue .This life is the simplest complexity we are in . There is a hidden motive behind every exam, every problem we encounter i.e. to refine us by discovering the best in us. Similar would have been God's target when he defined life for us . His problem statement was " let men discover what is his life for". The best answer to his question can be leading a life worth for Mankind .

Love is driving force of life . When this love extends beyond oneself that's where the life explores its real essence . Suppose a person walked through a thorny way and a thorn pierced through his foot , he took it out and cursing the pathway went away. Doing so he left the passage same as before so that now someone else will be hurt by the thorns lying there . Another example can be of a man who cleared the thorns off the way and made it a better path to traverse through . Obviously the second man is good as he thought beyond himself , for others . Warren Buffet , one of the richest persons in the world , is patronized worldwide and is held in high esteem not only because he is a billionaire but because of desire to donate a huge sum for the needy , helpless . America is lucky to have him who can contribute to country's economy , it's welfare . " A great person is the one who leaves every place , situation and opportunity better than before " . The richness of life lies in making it worth living .

According to Shakespeare " The world is a stage " . Don't just restrict your performance on stage to the script , try to evolve the best out of your role by giving your best with full zeal so that the play of "life" becomes God's magical creation.

When talking about rights , our conscience always reminds of our duties .Similarly what you give to life is equally important as what you extract from life . When we organize a birthday party and get presents , we always give return gifts to the guests . Then how can we not give return gift to God who provided us with years and years to party . Our service to mankind will be the best return gift we can give him .

"Enjoy every moment as just once , Carry potentials in tons , Bring smiles to millions , This is how life runs "....Mahatma Gandhi , Nelson Mandela , Florence Nightingale , Mother Teresa all sacrificed their entire life for the sake , welfare of mankind . A seed sown by a gardener may not serve him during his lifetime but the fruits are enjoyed by the generations to come . Let's make our lives beyond our own self, a life for the mankind , their lies our worth , their lies our wisdom , most important there lies our worth of being a 'human' "God's marvelous creation"

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