Hersh Sandhoo, CEO and President of Webmation and a personal time management expert has decided to share his secrets to success with the world through his blog, Becoming Legendary. Becoming Legendary encourages readers to constantly strive for success in both their career and personal life. Hersh Sandhoo persuades readers to spend time on all the major areas of their life, including:

1. Physical and Health
2. Emotional Mastery
3. Spiritual
4. Relationships (Intimate, Family, Friends/social)
5. Financial
6. Career

Hersh says it's easy to lose balance but you can strive to regain it by implementing a concept he calls the "30 Minute Paradigm." Hersh Sandhoo came up with this concept by surprisingly thinking back to grade school, "You didn't do math one day, English the next, history the third, etc. You studied each subject for a small period of time each day," he says. This led

Hersh to come up with the concept of spending 30 minutes each day on every activity he wanted to improve upon within his life. Hersh said the results he experienced from this concept even surprised him.

Hersh Sandhoo spent a certain amount of time each day focused on work, everything else came down to 30 minutes. In just the first week of utilizing this concept, Hersh had:

• Gained 5 lbs
• Re-learned all the white belt to 4th degree black belt forms in Tae Kwon Do
• Gained significant strength from lifting
• Drew over 6 pictures
• Learned to play a song on the guitar while singing the vocals
• Learned 15 magic card tricks
• Built massive momentum in the work/business arena
• Read a book
• Keep in touch with friends via phone, e-mail and Facebook
• Went out on a date

Hersh Sandhoo says he instinctively choose 30 minutes chunks because is the perfect amount of time; anything less is too little to motivate action and anything more gives leeway to the excuse "I don't have time for that." Hersh Sandhoo also approached these goals in 90 day cycles, so he could re-evaluate what he was working on every three months. "Just like if I finished a semester in school, I could then move on to something else having improved greatly or continue to pursue the topic for even greater mastery."

As one can tell, Hersh Sandhoo is a highly motivated individual and that seems to show when you look at all he has accomplished both in his career as an entrepreneur and within his personal life.

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