We all know what life is but still cannot live it WHY?

Life- this four letter word has a span of many years in it.Life is something which cannot be described but can only be lived. Again the question comes how?

To live does not mean to breathe, it means to feel to achieve, to learn and much more. Even animals live; they breathe but are they humans? No and they can never be. Humans are gifted with this beautiful life with all emotions in it. It is not the quantity of life but the quality of life that matters.

It is a gift from god to us with many sides to open? Sometime we think that our life is full of sorrows, misery but it is not so. Everybody has the same gift. It is just the matter how u take it and open it.Sometimes we take our life too seriously and in the meantime we miss all its adventure. Life depends totally on us that is we make it happy, sad,lively or miserable.

Humans have a tendency to always appreciate others for what they have and complain for ones own life which worsens their condition. Everybody can't get everything because that's what makes us unique and different. Whenever we are discouraged or something bad comes to us just think the worse that could have happened. Mahatma Gandhi has also said that always look down to the people who are in more pain than you.

For e.g. If we loose our one hand think of the person without both hands.
Keep one thing always in mind" what is going is good and will always be good.
This is positive attitude which will help you to live your life to the fullest.
We all crave for the first position but for the competition there has to be someone 2nd 3rd and last. Life is unpredictable, you can never say about the future so just work on your present.
Don't think so much for the future so that your present is gone and soon become your past.
Life is long to pass but short to live.
I would conclude by saying:
"Life gives an answer in three ways
It says YES and gives you what you want.
It says NO and gives you better.
It says WAIT and gives u the best"
So live your life and just don't pass it.

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