None of us is a stranger to emotions. But, if we lose our equanimity in the midst of emotions, there is a devastating effect on us and hence, there is a need for a constant whistle on them. We have to get a hold on our emotions immediately on reacting to a trying situation and we also should notice the emotions of other men when enraged and moderate our feelings. If we can display a sense of balance in provoking situations, we can avoid unpleasant happenings and can transform the world into a much better place.

We have to increase the proportion of thinking and get a firm hold on our emotions. It should not be the other way round with emotions gaining an ascendancy over our thinking. Most dangers befall us only when we are completely overtaken by our emotions. In an excessively emotional situation, we will sorrowfully notice that our capacity for thinking is completely ruined. We may make several utterances and they unfortunately will be incoherent and we eject several words in a flow for which we regret at a subsequent time. We can take back anything, but words let loose on being emotional can not be taken back.

There have been probes into the probable strategies for emotional management in the recent times. The display of emotions is not our prerogative and the others also may have to be excused for moments of weakness. We can work out plans for ourselves to hold our emotions under reins, we can not execute the same control over the other's feelings and if we are aware of this reality, we can claim that we have cultivated emotional management. We condone our mistakes liberally and we must learn to condone the lapses of other's also. Emotional outbursts are generally regretted at a later time when we come out of our anger, but any repentance subsequently will be in vain. If we blurt in anger in public places and offices, the effects last for a longer time. There must be a check-point in the beginning itself.

When it comes to emotional management, same discretion may be displayed while giving vent to other kinds of feelings also in addition to anger. Even generosity exhibited beyond our capacity will make us lament as we can not take back promises made in public. Contributions announced in public without forethought may pilfer the pocket to such an extent that an immediate rectification may not become possible and so we must have a firm control over all kinds of emotional utterances and actions.A little care at the outset shall leave us happier men and so, let us try to attain such maturity which is demanded of us in all our worldly activities.

About Author / Additional Info:
Retired College Principal and Lecturer in English,belongs to Khammam,AP.