Anger is like the plague. A person has to reduce anger as much as possible. As a person gets more and more angry, there are a lot of health problems that can occur in the person. Some of the common health problems in the person include those that are directly related to the anger. A person who gets angry very quickly can have the risk of suffering from various kinds of chronic diseases that can even lead to life threatening problems.

One should know what the various health problems that can occur because of anger. This will help the person to try and control the anger as much as possible. Some may think that anger cannot be controlled, but should be expressed. This is not true because avoiding anger completely is a better option to lead a healthy life than trying to control the anger.

The common health problems that are seen in a person because of anger are listed here.

1. Sleeplessness:

The person who gets very angry will not be able to sleep because the person will be boiling with anger inside. This is true if the person is very angry. There are some people who may not get angry to that extent and so they might not have this problem, but many of the people who do get angry will not be able to sleep.

2. Headache:

As the person gets very angry, there is a lot of associated headache. The blood flow to the brain increases and this can cause the person to suffer from headaches. Other than this, the blood pressure may increase leading to head ache in the person who gets very angry.

3. Increased blood pressure:

There are some people who get a lot of anger and this leads to an increase in the blood pressure of the person. As the blood pressure increases, the blood flow to the brain also increases. The blood pressure can rise to a severe level that some people even suffer a stroke because of severe anger.

4. Stomach ulcers:

This is a problem that many people do not know. As a person gets very angry, it will lead to severe problems that the person gets stomach ulcers. The person may not be usually suffering from ulcers, but when there is some kind of anger that is present in the person on a continuous basis, the stomach ulcers will occur. Reducing the anger is one of the best methods of making sure that the person prevents problems like stomach ulcers.

5. Depression:

Though many people do not think of the anger, it can act on the person in many ways and can cause severe problems. The depression that is seen in people who get angry is one of the reasons for this conclusion. Since the person gets angry with another person, there is a lot of sadness too because no one likes to get angry. So along with the anger, the person will also suffer from sadness and this sadness in the person will lead to depression too.

Though anger may be an emotion that you express to only a few people and for a few minutes each day, it can either consciously or sub consciously causes a lot of problems. To overcome these problems, the person has to do just one thing and that is to reduce the anger.

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