The history of mankind is an unhappy saga of exploitation, domination and tyranny. Few have lived at the cost of many. The former have always ingeniously devised ways of hoodwinking the latter in multiple ways. The many, in which category is included the wide mass of humanity, have always tilled and toiled, suffered and starved without grumble. There now seems so much difference between man and man.

The Indian Kings and Princes!

But shall these differences persist through perpetuity or will they have an end? History gives examples of cases where the exploitation saw its natural death and domination witnessed its own downfall once they reached their climax. The story of Indian kings and princes is a sorry tale of the so-called great licking the dust. Indian democracy has brought about their decimation.

The erstwhile rulers of certain Indian states were rulers only in name. Many were dissolute, profligate adventurers whose sole aim was to exploit subjects for indulgence in carnal pleasures. But now are gone the days of the royal splendour and grandeur. The world now belongs to one who either works with hand or brain. If the former rulers and princes are to survive at all they will have to live by their own labour and not on the labour of others, for the industrious shall live.

The change

There is a worldwide change in the situation and can be seen through the eyes of history. The Imperialist powers started looking into themselves and realized that they can no longer hoodwink the wide mass of humanity scattered in erstwhile colonial lands. England, which was supposed to be the strongest power in the world, now occupies a very low position in terms of strength and general development, especially when compared to the United States of America and Japan, to mention a few. We also witness now the plight of bureaucracy. The bureaucrats are no longer the masters or the rulers of the people. They are their humble servants, responsible and accountable to them. Time has come when they have to do some manual labour even to keep their dignified living in order.

The Indian example

In India, we find regional imbalances in wealth and prosperity. Those pockets where people regard work as worship have earned wealth and have become prosperous while those who have regarded manual work as a menial job are now living in penury. The secret of the prosperity of many states, notably Punjab and Haryana is in most cases the strenuous labour the people put in their professions.

If we wish to rise higher and higher on the ladder of success, if we wish to bring honour and glory to ourselves, to our families and to our country, we will have to bend every bit of energy we possess, we shall have to toil and perspire. There is no royal road to success, much less to our very survival. Work represents truth, idleness untruth. Work or truth alone can give us physical, mental and spiritual strength. So rise to perform your duties with utmost sincerity, for the Industrious shall survive.

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