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  • Having the Right Attitude    By: kishore thampi

    So we need to be very careful in the stream of thoughts that goes into our mind because what we encourage and feed the same will be nurtured by our subconscious mind. If we feed only negativity, then what comes out is no way going to be positive >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • How to Achieve Goal in Life    By: tanusri bose

    There are so many things to achieve in life. everybody wants sucess it will happen in every step of life lets see what is the difference and the to do list to achieve our goal. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Placebo Effect    By: kishore thampi

    Kindness acts as good as a pill and the people who exude such wonderful behavioral traits often act as effective 'placebos' in their work arena. They create a ripple effect, transforming the work environment into wonderful little heavens, something elusive in a typical organizational framework. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Are True Leaders Born?    By: kishore thampi

    Decidedly the organizational framework plays a huge role in the identification and development of select individuals as leaders. There should be some criteria to sieve and filter people to get the ones with the right attitude for the leadership job. Many organizations have now started recruiting individuals with right attitude and developing a skill in them rather than the other way round >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Subtle Bullying is a Form of Violence-Part 1    By: Timothy G. Weih

    The best way to defend yourself against subtle bullies is to become aware of their tactics. Knowledge and discernment are your most effective tools for protecting and guarding yourself. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Subtle Bullying is a Form of Violence-Part 2    By: Timothy G. Weih

    The best way to defend yourself against subtle bullies is to become aware of their tactics. Knowledge and discernment are your most effective tools for protecting and guarding yourself. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Why Self Improvement is Required    By: R. Devan

    Life is all about living. When we came to the world , we were not clear , as to the path to take. Based on our parents and other neighbours , friends, relatives and teachers , our life path is set. This article is a study of how we can take a course of our own making in our life.. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • How to Develop Your Concentration    By: radha madhav bera

    Concentration is very much important in every kind of success in life.If you can't concentrate on it you cannot achieve it.Some people have good concentration power they can easily concentrate on anything.Some people cannot concentrate at all.But anyone can develop his concentration level if they wishes to.This article will Helps people to develop their concentration power. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Successful Time Management    By: Bindu Bharathi

    'Successful Time Management' is the relevant topic in everybody's life, because if you are able to manage your time properly, you are also able to manage your life. Through this article the author requesting to the people to use your time effectively and efficiently. So you can achieve your life goals. Time is a valuable and scarce resource for every one, which is often underutilized or misused by the people. Time is infinite and cannot be stored. We cannot stop the clock but we definitely can optimize the use of time through proper planning and organization. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • A Tall Standing Lonely Tree    By: Danish Perwaiz

    A tall standing lonely tree on the side of a road , one of its only kind in between other trees but by seeing it only it could be found out how lonely it is standing. You have to dig out of your comfort zone and begin because - You will never win if you never begin >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Incredible Marshmallow Theory    By: Marty Savarick

    A College Professor created a test using Marshmallows for 4 year olds which predicted their level of success. He followed them thru different stages of life to confirm his amazing findings. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • There is a List of the 10 Most Unwanted House Guests For Each Home    By: Alan Carson

    The pests that torture the homemakers of today are some of the most hated, unwanted visitors, and the homemaker wants to eradicate them as quickly as possible. It is estimated by the National Pest Control Association that pests cost Americans $4.5 billion in damages each year, this is a non profit organization of pest control companies. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Why Acetal and Delrin Are the Same But Different Polymers    By: kiron mark

    Though they are both polymers known as polyoxymethylene, acetal and delrin are still different materials. They may be known as thermoplastic >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • CRIME: An Outcome of Missing Emotions    By: Meena Agarwal

    World is witnessing CRIME every second ! Is it due to frustration or is it greed or no feelings for fellow human being? Whatsoever may be ,the life as on date is poisoned by this evil .Lets try to analyze the reason , the forces or the factors behind the crime AND Each one of us has to work hard to eliminate the cause which gives birth to a CRIMINAL ..after all CRIMINALS were born as HUMAN >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Who is 'I' and What is 'I'    By: Sachin Babbar

    Do we really know Who is I , when we say I talk , I eat , I walk..... >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • How to Avoid a Nervous Oral Presentation    By: kamaraju pulugurtha

    Stage Fright can be avoided to a satisfactory extent with some previous preparation.Most speakers put up a dismal show just because they do not attend to some minor details and do not take care to prune themselves up for the occasion. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Always Do Good Deeds    By: Liyakat Shah

    Well life is meant for doing good deeds and one should lead it on the same path. Remember doing any good deeds does not require any extra ordinary work to be done or any investment for doing it mere it is just done as we do our work. Many a times we get a lot of opportunity of doing any good deeds but we neither neglect it and nor do we grab the opportunity of either instructing or doing it. Our guidance or suggestions can make someone's life so why not do good deeds as it has many rewards for us and it builds in co-ordinal relations among the people. It gives confidence to the people as they do not begin to feel lonely and thinks that there is someone who cares and looks after them. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Try This Simple Experiment    By: Liyakat Shah

    Life has been a misery for someone and prosperous and happier for someone. We cannot blame our luck or fate for that. If we are unlucky at every step than should sort out time to find out mistakes and those faults that create hurdles in our work, however one thing is to be noted that if God has not written success in our life than no one in this world has the right to change His decision >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Be First to Apologize    By: Liyakat Shah

    Many a times in life we come across many instances that in spite of being on the side of truth we need to look down, the reason for that is that the opponent do not accept defeat or do not want to look down. In order to live a happy life we need to lead it on track of adjustment By doing such an act one would not become small or would decrease or defame his status or respect >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Never Be Arrogant in Life    By: Liyakat Shah

    Arrogant people are not friendly natured people. They do not have sober nature. They have their own identity. They always use their intelligence to criticize or finding faults in others. They do not like people to underestimate them >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Simple Way of Achieving Fame    By: Liyakat Shah

    In today's world it has become more simple and easy for gaining any publicity or popularity. For getting name and fame one does not require hard work to done. It's very simple and one does not have to join any school or colleges for doing it. Well few people in this world have such ill mentality and they gain popularity in just few days. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Where I Am Standing?    By: Liyakat Shah

    Every person is very much associated with a famous word called ZAMEER which means inner voice of heart which always speak the truth and never fall prey to any mal practice. Our whole body may go other way to favour us and think better for time being but our ZAMEER may go other way. It is bestowed with special qualities to speak the truth without bothering for any consequences or situation >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • God in Disguise    By: Rojalina Dhall

    Sometimes a stranger's kindness moves us so much that we don't forget the person the entire life. This is an incident which occurred with me years ago. but today i feel like sharing it with others. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • I am Unique ... I am Different    By: kishore thampi

    Every day we have an opportunity to change ourselves, overcome our inhibitions and do something which we always wanted to do in life. Let it be anything as trivial as getting a new hair style or something which you pushed back into the deepest recess of the mind, fearing the onslaught of the society. Well, it is now time to let it out. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Let's Try to Change the Ideology of Life    By: Liyakat Shah

    Life is meaningless if we live just for our sake, but it would get its proper meaning when we live for others. It does not mean that they are dependent on us. But it is our moral responsibility on grounds of humanism. For experimenting such things we do not have to plan or call or consult any instrumental person. But it's a free of cost service that comes from heart >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • What is Karma ? How it decides our future, luck and destiny?    By: Priyanka Gulati

    Your destiny is in your own hands, and your karma unfolds from your thoughts you deal with right now in your mind - because everything what happens takes always place in the eternal presence. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Every Problem Has a Solution    By: Liyakat Shah

    In today's world we find that humans get frustrated and distracted very soon they tend to lose their patients and commit horrible undesirable actions against themselves Life is a combination of ups and downs. It does not mean that a wealthy and healthy person does not have or face with any problems. Off course they do have like all. Every person in this world has to undergo a process of several hardships than only can attain the goal >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Fall - Strong - Get Up - Experience !!    By: Priyanka Gulati

    Life moves on. time goes on. all we gain is EXPERIENCE. Some come, some go. We face a lot in this short little life. But all we gain in this short life is experience. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Discipline in Islam    By: Liyakat Shah

    Islam is such religion that teaches discipline for all round development. The offering of prayer that is Solat is the best example of discipline. People have to gather in a place called Mosque for offering the Prayer at a specific time depending upon geographical conditions. All people are lined horizontally irrespective of caste, creed, color and race under the leadership of an Imaam symbolizes discipline >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Peer Pressure in Teenage    By: Vandana Sharma

    Peer Pressure is a common fear and a very obvious influencing factor in a teenager's life. The way they dress up, things they eat,their shopping list,even their choice of career is influenced by peer group. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Show Real Picture of Islam    By: Liyakat Shah

    Feel free and turn the pages of true history to find about Muslims freedom fighters who laid down their life as martyrs for the sake of their motherland. Even history has forgotten such people in history book. But true history cannot be denied or wiped out >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Life Has Joy and Sorrow    By: Liyakat Shah

    Fortune and luck is also another factor and has its effects on our life because one cannot get less or more than their expectations which is written in his or her fortune no one can add or minus our belongings without the will of God >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Be ORGANIZED For a Smooth Work Flow    By: Raja Vikram

    This is a brief plan for getting organized and to complete the work on time.Each of us works on different aspects and tasks every day. We have lot of things to do in our list. We never focus on how and when to do? By which we always forget to do some of the works or we may skip few work to finish that day's tasks. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Great People Never Show Off    By: Liyakat Shah

    Almighty God has given some people with extraordinary talent and such people in spite of such greatness work in their life do no show off themselves. They remain calm and silent in this world people do not realize there greatness. On the other hand there are some people in this world who never lose any opportunity or time to advertise or seek publicity for their small or big work >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Islam For Whole Mankind    By: Liyakat Shah

    Faith may be tested at times of joy and sorrow, if a person has firm belief and faith towards Almighty Allah in spite of any situation than it's a symptom of true faith. Great and pious people never complain but they try to clear the problematic clouds. They never give up to any situation and are constant with their faith >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Muslims Are Not Terrorists    By: Liyakat Shah

    Today in western country we find many people joining the fold of Islam why? The reason is that Islam is peace and has no violence Islam is spread by sweet words and not by sharp swords. Islam is the only religion in the world which teaches preaches love, compassion, humanity, universal brotherhood, love for nation and many more >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Anger Comes From Devil    By: Liyakat Shah

    Anger comes from shaitan and anger leads to frustration hence utmost care is to be taken if we tend to become angry. In anger a person tends to lose all his senses and it may go in any way. Sometimes anger ends in horrible violence as a question becomes of our ego >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Truth Has Many Rewards    By: Liyakat Shah

    Truth can be tested at many times but it cannot be defeated, truth is fabricated and motivated by devil and he provokes people to such lies and false concept and to implement such false principles in life >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • How Much is Too Much!!    By: Sourav mahajan

    From the childhood people are involved in competition that start with the very day you land on the planet earth. Is competition really important? What is the purpose of life? Is it only to be on the top of the world or it is to take world on the top. There are plethora of articles available on the topic Self improvement but is it neccessary to improve yourself or stay as you are?? >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Heal Yourself First    By: kamaraju pulugurtha

    Let excuse the people around for what they are.The outside world is not for reformation and we are to initiate the process with ourselves. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • An Appeal to Youth ! Serving Country Using Resources Like Facebook    By: jayant singh

    Youth is the time of life between childhood and adulthood. Around the world, the terms 'youth', 'adolescent', 'teenager', 'kid', and 'young person' are interchanged, often meaning the same thing, occasionally differentiated. Youth generally refers to a time of life that is neither childhood nor adulthood, but rather somewhere in-between... >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Indecisiveness - Inability to arrive at a decision    By: kishore thampi

    The faltering mind is the antithesis of a stable personality. Our mind should be premised on the strong value systems and the philosophies that we uphold in our lives. Then only we can coax and cajole our mind to arrive at a decision. But this is something easier said than done. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Unshakable Faith    By: kishore thampi

    Many times life takes an unexpected turn and we will be caught unawares. Be it an unfavorable posting, a missed opportunity on promotion, non-conducive work atmosphere or a threatening health issue, we need to rise about these misgivings and embrace life as it comes. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Laughter the Best Medicine    By: kishore thampi

    Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Values of Behavior    By: Liyakat Shah

    Values are the ways of behavior accepted by the society at a certain time and place. They change from place to place and time to time. Value Education is the education of these ways of behavior. Effectiveness of learning of these values by a new generation depends on the way in which the values are taught >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Caring and Loving the Orphans    By: Liyakat Shah

    Taking care of Orphans has very important place in Islam. Orphan means a person who does not have parents or whose parents have been lost at early age. So the responsibility comes on first to a nearby relatives if not than anyone should come forward to take care of the Orphans which has great rewards from Allah >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Principle of Moderation For Small Talk Thrown Out of Gear    By: kamaraju pulugurtha

    All small talk has an innocent beginning .But, it is thrown out of gear at some critical point.Human relations are sometimes strained for unsound reasons. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Islam Teaches Universal Brotherhood    By: Liyakat Shah

    Islam is such religion that teaches universal brotherhood among each other, it teaches to be kind, humble and co-operative with each other. To think as same image and respect of others as ours. So not to fight abuse or quarrel among each other >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Be Cheerful in Life    By: Liyakat Shah

    We should have cheerful nature and try to mix with people and the society, greet them with love, respect and honor. If anyone meets us than be the first to go and approach them forward your hand with cheerful smile rather than waiting for them to give respect to you >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Forgiveness Has Many Rewards    By: Liyakat Shah

    Forgiveness implies a fact not to retaliate against any acts of a person. The person or a people may have only one intention to abuse, torture and insult others. But people who are very much patience with their nature and behavior never fall to such circumstances >> Category: Self-Improvement

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