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  • God is Love    By: Jose Martell

    Christians without love are not Christians. Faith without Love is not faith but presumption. In Christ only faith working through love is accepted as faith. Galatians 5:6 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. >> Category: Religion

    Most people think of the church as a place of peace and quiet, and it is. What most people don't know is the price Jesus Christ paid for that peace and quiet. The cross of Christ is something that bothers most church people. But without this pain and humiliation which he had to endure there would not be a church. >> Category: Religion
  • A Simple Message, a Simple Truth    By: Jose Martell

    The message of salvation is a very simple message. Jesus Christ the Son of God died on a cross in order to wash away our sins because we could not do it. He took our sins upon himself in order to set us free. All we have to do is believe it and turn to God and we well be born again. That simple. >> Category: Religion
  • World War Three    By: Jose Martell

    Two kingdoms are at war. One is the kingdom of God and the other is the kingdom of man. Disaster after disaster have been taking place all over the planet, but humanity is to proud to believe it is because they are a wicked lot that this is all taking place. >> Category: Religion
  • The Pride of Life    By: Jose Martell

    You cannot believe you are born again without measuring yourself against the Word of God which is the bible. It is so easy just try reading it. >> Category: Religion
  • The Atheist    By: Jose Martell

    World wide their are very few real atheist. Most of the people on this earth believe in some type of god even if he is from the pit and not from above. There are many more that believe in God but not in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, this is the spirit of the Antichrist. 1 John 4:3 >> Category: Religion
  • Lies, Lies, Lies, They Are Telling You Lies    By: Jose Martell

    The church in America is asleep in a world that was made up for them by the leaders they chose. The people are the ones who are guilty of this by picking these leaders and following them and they are the ones who will pay. >> Category: Religion
  • Stopping For the One    By: Jose Martell

    You don't need a big fancy building to save the world, or a world wide ministry, you just need to stop for one hurting person, one at a time. You don't have to preach or teach you just have to smile. >> Category: Religion
  • John the Baptist    By: Jose Martell

    In the words of Jesus, 'John is the greatest man who ever lived.' >> Category: Religion
  • The Power in the Name of Jesus    By: Jose Martell

    Most of the life of Jesus while on the earth was spent healing people and casting out demons, imps, and other unclean spirits from people who were possessed by them. Today it is over looked because of the rampant sin and materialism in the church. >> Category: Religion
  • Grace That Saves    By: Jose Martell

    It is hard to try and do good things everyday without having some bad days. If you have a bad day and condemn yourself for it, know that you are not saved and loved because you are good. You are saved and loved because Jesus paid the price on the cross. Your goodness only affects you it does not affect God. >> Category: Religion
  • Faith That Endured    By: Jose Martell

    It is one thing to say you have faith. But it is another thing to live by faith from day to day. >> Category: Religion
  • Faith and Hope    By: Jose Martell

    Life is very, very hard even when we make the best decisions. We don't have to go out looking for trouble it just arrives on it's own. You can make life harder or you can make life easier. Asking God for faith and hope to believe in Him and His word makes life a little easier. >> Category: Religion
  • Jesus is Alive, Alive, Alive, Alive    By: Jose Martell

    I would have very little use for a dead God who could not speak for himself. Even faith has to have a manifestation. >> Category: Religion
  • Many, Many, Gods.    By: Jose Martell

    There are millions of gods all promising something and billions of people seeking all these gods. But for me their is but one God the Father and one Lord Jesus Christ. >> Category: Religion
  • The Heavenly Man    By: Jose Martell

    Jesus Christ died for humanity, John the Baptist died for Jesus, and all but one of the early apostle died for the church. In North Korea, Vietnam, China, and many other places Christians are tortured for there faith on a daily bases. But in the west Christianity has become the new fad religion promising material wealth and entertainment. I don't see that in the bible. >> Category: Religion
  • You Must Be Born Again    By: Jose Martell

    John 3:3 In reply Jesus declared,' I tell you the truth no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.' >> Category: Religion
  • The Bride of Christ    By: Jose Martell

    Not everything that shines is made of gold. Like wise all that glitter in our present day churches looks more like shiny plastic than gold. >> Category: Religion
  • Jesus Also Prayed    By: Jose Martell

    If the Son of God had to pray for everything he got and everything He needed from the Father. How shall we succeed if we never learn to pray? >> Category: Religion
  • Extreme Faith    By: Jose Martell

    It is one thing to always be quoting the bible or speaking of something you have never experience yourself. But it is another thing to be put in the fire and have to live with what you think you believe or know. >> Category: Religion
  • It is Finished, John 19:30    By: Jose Martell

    All our efforts at getting close to God are useless if you don't believe that God only sees the blood of Jesus as a why to his throne. >> Category: Religion
  • A New Standard    By: Jose Martell

    We always think we have it so bad until we see the next person and what he has to deal with. Millions well surfer hunger today and many will die this very hour trying to reach a better life. We who have a better life then most should thank God for this bounty. >> Category: Religion
  • God and the Business Man.    By: Jose Martell

    Most of us are not really good at selling things. But as they say in Brooklyn, NY. 'This one can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.'So are many of the top TV Evangelist, They really are some of the best sales people in the nation and would not only sell you the bridge but the moon also, and guess what, many people are eager to buy them. >> Category: Religion
  • A Solace from the Bhagavad Gita    By: kamaraju pulugurtha

    In the Corporate World of Action, the outcome of our actions is unpredictable. Life is a perpetual struggle and fluctuation. Irrespective of the outcome, the struggle has to continue. There is no running away from action. Accept the outcome with equanimity and dignity. >> Category: Religion
  • The Gospel of Love    By: Jose Martell

    Everyday we make hundreds of decisions, some good some bad. But the biggest decision a person can make is to live in Love, both with God and mankind. >> Category: Religion
  • Divine Intervention    By: Jose Martell

    How many times in our lives has God done some wonderful thing which we attribute to luck or good fortune? How many times have you cheated death only to think you were special some how and were worthy of this act of kindness on Gods part? Did you ever take the time to see who was helping you and why? >> Category: Religion
  • These Are the Men    By: Jose Martell

    Instead of getting stronger with time, men are growing weaker and more insecure. Few are the men willing to risk there life and the comfort of home to serve the Living God. >> Category: Religion
  • You're Debt to God    By: Jose Martell

    We all have debts, it's what makes life possible. In the world if you don't pay your debts you could lose your house, car, furnishings, and even sent to prison. How is it that the debt we have with our Creator is taken so lightly. when it is the most dangerous debt of all. >> Category: Religion
  • Jesus Christ the Healer    By: Jose Martell

    Just because you feel something or think those thoughts coming into your mind are yours, think again. If those thoughts do not line up with the word of God or are not a pattern of your life, they might be coming from the dark realm and have some evil spirit behind them. >> Category: Religion
  • The Powers of Darkness    By: Jose Martell

    With so much going on in the world today we sometimes forget that people are not always to blame for their evil deeds. Most people are born good but somewhere along the line have picked up some evil spirit being who now runs their life. >> Category: Religion
  • The Spirit of Religion - Part 1    By: Jose Martell

    Many feel very comfortable with their one hour Sunday service. Others read an hour a day and pray very precise and timely prayers but never hear Gods voice. This makes them feel more at ease with this God who they cannot see. But is this all their is to having a relationship with the Master of the Universe? >> Category: Religion
  • The Spirit of Religion - Part 2    By: Jose Martell

    Those who put idols before their eyes and in their hearts have no loyalty to any one God. >> Category: Religion
  • A Prayer: God Always Listens | POEM    By: Sreekumar K

    This is a poem which was inspired by my own life, its ups and downs and mostly downs >> Category: Religion
  • Abraham the Man of Faith    By: Jose Martell

    Without any knowledge of God and never having seen him or heard about him, when God called him he listened and obeyed. >> Category: Religion
  • Jesus as a Child    By: Jose Martell

    Jesus as a child knew everything their was to know about the universe. As the Christ he had created everything around us. And yet here he was, a baby being taken care of by his mother and father, who he as the Christ had created. >> Category: Religion
  • New Direction    By: Jose Martell

    The greatest change to be made in a life happens when you make Jesus the Lord of your life. >> Category: Religion
  • Sowing and Reaping    By: Jose Martell

    As the song and the verse from which it came says, their is a season for everything under heaven. A time to plant and a time to reap, a time to be born and a time to die, a time for peace and a time for war, there is a season for everything. >> Category: Religion
  • Satan is a Liar    By: Jose Martell

    While Jesus is the light and the truth, Satan is the darkness and the father of all lies. Everything evil that can happen to you can be traced back to him. >> Category: Religion
  • Who Did You Bring Home?    By: Jose Martell

    You don't have to follow ungodly impulses that will one day destroy all you have worked for. If those thoughts or actions are out of character, they might not be yours. >> Category: Religion
  • JESUS and JOB    By: Jose Martell

    Today we have a lawyer who pleads our case before the Fathers throne. Jesus Christ the righteous one. In his day Job had no one to plead his case. >> Category: Religion
  • How I Found Jesus    By: Maria Constanvia

    This is my story of how I became a Christian, I was only around thirteen years old when I found my moms old bible. >> Category: Religion
  • What Jesus Said.    By: Jose Martell

    There are thousands of religions and hundreds of thousands of doctrines. But Jesus Christ spoke the easiest words anyone can hear when He said, 'Just Believe.' >> Category: Religion
  • Carrying Cross    By: Jacintha Morris

    Often as the saying goes many are left carrying cross in real life. The phrase is used when one is left is shock, bewilderment , agony, pain, humiliation etc especially by persons we love and care. Burden is cross. and when we think about Christ who carried a heavy cross we consider ours as light. A poem dedicated for those carrying pain. An apt one for lent season. >> Category: Religion
  • A Prayer of Protection    By: Jose Martell

    We need more then the police or arm forces, we need Gods protection. >> Category: Religion
  • The Power of Prayer    By: Jose Martell

    We have an enemy in the prince of darkness and his only joy is to see us miserable and weeping, but Jesus said that he had come to give us life, and to give it more abundantly. >> Category: Religion
  • More Than Major Gordon's EDENOLOGY    By: James Graham

    Developing EDENOLOGY of The 1800's. In the 1800's Major General Charles Gordon searched for the physical Garden of Eden. Many of his day would define Edenology as simply the search for Eden. >> Category: Religion
  • The Gift of Tongues    By: Jose Martell

    The gift of tongues was the first gift given to the New Testament Church in the book of Acts. If it was so important than, it must be more important now. Though it is one of the lesser gifts, without it you could not flow in the major gifts. >> Category: Religion
  • Fever of Durga Puja    By: Jeebak Roy

    Puja is knocking on the door and the festivity is on. So lets enjoy and cheer ourselves up from the entangled corruption prevalent and rejoice in these few days of glory. >> Category: Religion
  • How to Brighten Our (Imaan) Faith    By: Liyakat Shah

    Allah Rabbul Izzat has given us a short span of life and this short life should be lead in such a way that would result in getting good deeds to be blessed by deeds of Heavens. In order to have true Imaan we should follow some advice so that we can brighten our Imaan. May Allah Subhano Watala give us Hidayat to inculcate such values in our life from today onwards. >> Category: Religion
  • Eid Celebrations    By: Liyakat Shah

    Allah Tabaraq Watala has given us festival of Eid as a reward to Muslim. However we people do not celebrate it in the way it is to be celebrated and very often do such things and perform such odd things that are not permitted in Islam. It does not mean that Islam does not like any jubilation or celebration. But on the contrary it does say to celebrate with great zeal and enthusiasm involving all people irrespective of caste creed or race. No discrimination on grounds on humanity >> Category: Religion

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