In nineteen ten William Seymour the father of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement of today prophesied that one hundred years later the same type of revival that was taking place in Azusa Street would again take place. I believe that it is starting to take place right now around the world. We are just seeing glimpses in America but in other countries like Brazil and Argentina as well as Mozambique and India they are seeing tremendous miracles. In Brazil thousands are being healed that could not hear, cancers are being destroyed by the power of God, the lame are walking and the blind can see. A wave of healing is about to explode and bring in a new dimension of power to the church of Jesus Christ.

Men such as Randy Clark, Steve Hill, John Arnott, John Kilpatrick, and Gary Oats as well as national leaders like Carlos Annacondia and Alberto Mottesi are bringing the power of Jesus to revivals in places that had never seen the power of God. Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru have seen hundreds of thousands giving their hearts to the Lord and thousands of miracles taking place. Miracles such as arms and legs growing out have been seen in Africa and India along with hundreds of people being raised from the dead. Heidi Baker has fed one hundred thousand people a day who could not feed themselves on provisions sent by the God who fed the hungry in the New Testament. To people in prosperous countries like ours this all seems like hocus pocus, but if you had no food for weeks at a time or were sick and there was no doctor within one hundred miles it wouldn't seem so farfetched that God would want to help.

It's true that where Jesus could healed ten out of ten or one hundred out of one hundred most of today's men of faith are blessed to see half of the sick healed or less if they are too worldly. It is estimated that Smith Wigglesworth got seventy or eighty percent healed whereas during the healing revivals of the fifties men such as Oral Roberts and AA Allen were getting forty or fifty percent healed. William Seymour had a higher rate while preaching from inside the box that the Lord had shown him, when he left the box the numbers went down. The box was meant to keep him from becoming prideful and stealing the Lords Glory. Many times it is the vessel who is at fault and not the people, the vessel would love to say "Look what my ministry has produced." We know that Jesus will not share his Glory with anyone.

The men and women of God who will share in this work will pay a price for this privilege, something few want to do. But men like Seymour paid a dear price, the son of slaves with only one eye he was hated by the masses just like our Lord. While seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit he was made to seat in the hallway of a Christian school because of his race, this along with his poverty would have made him ineligible in most of today's congregations. Marie Woodworth Etter lost all her children before she started to preach and do miracles. Kathryn Kuhlman spent her entire life working for the Lord, something which left her with little time to have children; she would spend her later years alone with the Holy Spirit.

Where in America will this take place, no one knows but we do know that we have already seen bits and pieces in places like Brownsville Florida, Lakeland Florida, and the Toronto revival to name a few. The next wave will make this seem small in comparison and will be spread out all over the world. As with all revivals the Lord will use both Evangelical and Pentecostals along with every other major Christian religion. All who would want to be used by God have only to seek him with all their hearts and make themselves available.

In the book of Acts the church is born, but like all things born, it is born an infant, yet even as an infant it had the power to do miracles and change the world. As it matured it went through stages much as a child would as it is growing up. Today I believe that it is maturing into adulthood with a lot more power than ever before. We in this generation will witness the greatest miracles as the mature church shows of her power and might to an evil and unbelieving world. God will do signs and wonders never seen and maybe never to be seen again. He will once again use those the world and even religious folks find unappetizing and cruel looking, maybe not measuring up to Hollywood standards. This has always been Gods way of dealing with men and we have never learned that.

Here are more books to grow your faith. They speak in other tongues, by John Sherrill, The Intercessor by Rees Howells, There were Two Trees by Rick Joyner, Gods Smuggler by Brother Andrew, Is that really you God?: Hearing the voice of God by Loren Cunningham, Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan, Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn, and the Anointing by Kenneth Hagan.

About Author / Additional Info:
I write about faith and miracles and my hope is that someone will take this message and run with it, the Lord is looking for a few good men and woman. Please see this link for other material on miracles, especially the media link for Randy Clark and his interview with Tom Welchel about Azusa St.