This is a poem which was inspired by my own life, its ups and downs and mostly downs.

Sitting in the shade of my own past
Resting myself before I go any further,
I see crowding in and around me
Lessons I learned on the way

My long forgotten childhood
When You used to be part of me
Dreams used to be true and
Truth was no stranger to fiction

My self grew big and strong
I grew weak, my hand small
I lost my light on the way
My mind was no longer fresh

The stains on parchments
I licked and relished with my tongue
None of the letters I learned
Looked anything like a lamp

I remember being born with another
Can't go back and search him out
In the groves I had played
Hide and go seek with Him

Painful my life, sorrowful my cup
Had no hope of emptying it
Died alive seeing me my enemy
I had done it all to myself

Now I am ready to accept
Whatever is on my plate
You are my light; my long way
Begins today with this first step

I know you are my judge
My plea is not much
My sorrow should not last
But your memory should

I thought I was an armada
And the ocean calm and pacific
I stand corrected, the ocean is stormy
And my canoe is way too tiny

You are a luminescent being
Light up my mind, make it clear
I have no one else, nothing else
Can't find another way to end my pain

I know I need many corrections
Small ones, big ones, painful ones
The road to freedom is nothing but
The determination in a clear mind

My hands have to be clean
Great alertness and vigilance
Shouldn't forget you till my death
Till then you are my light

You are in my every tissue
I have lost like salt in water
Only a few more years to be here
Be with me till it all gets over

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a teacher, a writer and one of the five partners of a company which produces moves in my language which is Malayalam