There are many of us who have said that we feel worthless. There are some of us who have told other people they are worthless. In these situations, there are some things that we have to remember. Worthless and useless are terms that are used for scolding other people in extreme situations. These are words that can hurt a lot too.

We might have suddenly felt at times that we are not worth anything too. This is a feeling that we get when some of us are in a mid life crisis where the whole world seems to be against us. If you are scolded by other people in your office or the place you work, may make you feel worthless. Some of us are physically unattractive and may be obese that makes other people call us worthless.

If you have faced failures in your life, then you might have felt worthless and useless too. In these situations, every person should remember something and that is that each of us are made in the image of the Lord. Every single person should be happy and satisfied from the thought that no one is worthless in the sight of God. There are some people who may be shunned by the people living around them. Worse still, there are people who are thrown out of their families because if diseases, fights, troubles and various other reasons. There are parents who do not love their children and vice versa. In these situations, the person who is affected should not think that the whole world is against them, but remember than God loves us all.

He loved the world and all the people in it that Jesus came down to die for each of us. Similarly, it is said in the Bible that the sparrows that are so common in the Earth and are not even important is loved by God. It is told that the sparrows can be brought so cheaply that they are nearly worth nothing. In spite of this fact, God loves these sparrows and cares about them.

If God could care about these sparrows that do not really have any value, then God will surely love each and every one of us. In fact God knows each of our activities and has even numbered the number of hairs in our head. This means that we need not fret and feel sad that we do not have anyone in this world who cares for us. We need not worry about anything else, and instead, we should realize that God loves us more than anything in this world.

We are not worthless in the sight of God, in spite of the fact that the world may think that you are worthless. So remember that the next time someone tells you that you are not worth anything and that you are a waste, then it only means that the person telling that may find you so, but you are always worth a lot in the sight of God and you never need to worry about it.

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