Recently I read an article that confirmed something I had always believed and that is that the blood of Jesus would never allow what the Christian community calls a generational curse to be carried over to a born again believer. I always thought it strange that the very people who talk about generational curses would than speak of the power of the blood of Jesus. To those who do not know what a generational curse is it is something that happened in your family going back several generations. Suppose your grandfather killed a blind man, or stole some widow's land in a fraud, or your great grandmother practiced witchcraft. He or she would be under a curse from Gods law and that curse would be passed on down the line to you. The curse would not allow for success in any endeavor and would bring with it many sicknesses and problems.

In the Old Testament Moses told the Israelites to put the blood of a lamb on the sides and top of the doorframes so that when the destroyer passed by he would see the blood and not destroy those inside. They had protection under the blood of lambs and goats but today we are under the blood of Jesus the true Lamb of God. When you have knowledge and faith in the blood of Jesus you are covered from the destruction bought on by devils and demons, witches and curses, sickness and decay.
Thousands of Churches and ministries believe that if you have failed time and time again it must be the fault of a generational curse and that you must be delivered from it. No matter how big this has gotten in the Christian community it is false teaching. It sounds very technical and spiritual but maybe that person is just dumb and doesn't know how to run his own life and squanders everything he gets his hands on. There are now bestselling books on how to break the generational curses that have been handed down to you, maybe what is needed is a book on common sense. If you spend all your money on foolish living, smoke, drink, and eat ten thousand calories per day plus make bad investments you are not under a curse, generational or other. This type of believer needs to renew his or her mind and start living a sensible life.

A born again child of God that has been blood bought by the blood of Jesus Christ does not have to fear being cursed by a witch or having a generational curse handed down to him. The curses stop where the blood line begins. When you became a new creation all that was left behind, if it was there it belonged to the old man who was the image of the world, the new man is the image of Christ. A deliverance ministry does not have more power than the blood of Jesus, it just sounds very spiritual. You are saved through the blood, born again through the blood, you are sanctified and made righteous through the blood, and you are healed and prospered through the blood. Because Jesus never sinned his blood is accepted as a substitute for ours which is stained by all the evil things we do. The bible teaches in Hebrews 9:22 that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.

You don't have to claim the blood or plead it because the blood is already there for you from the day you made Jesus Lord. Only through the blood can God the Father look at us, so the blood is applied every moment of every day. You don't enter Gods presence by going to church or praise and worship as many think, you can only enter the Fathers throne by having faith in the blood of Jesus. The work of the blood was given by grace and you receive it by faith, no other work is involved, you cannot earn it, pay for it, or be good enough for it, just believe that it is for you because the bible said so. It's so simple even a child could do it. Witch craft and generational curses cannot cross the blood of Jesus; they can attack an unbeliever but not someone who has knowledge and knows his rights under the New Testament. All you need to say is "No you cannot come into my life, I am covered by the blood."

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