I received a call from Clara my friend Louys cousin sometime back. She started off by saying that I had been recommended by her cousin as someone who could help her find the Lord. I am not a pastor but I do try to help anyone I can. I don't know why but the conversation went off in a totally different direction then any I had ever had. We exchange pleasantries then I started to consul her as I prayed and asked the Lord what I could say to this young girl. But what came out was very different than anything I had ever said.

So, you are looking for Jesus, and what well you do with him once you have found him? Well you take him home with you, if you don't take him home where would you put him? Would you leave him on a bus, a street corner or a church building? You can't invite him home then try and put him in a box along with all your other toys. He won't be one of your other idols, along with your music, TV, pictures, boyfriends, and hobbies. This is a person you are looking for and he does not just like to be friends, he likes to take your life, all of it. He does not sit down to tell jokes and carry on, he is quite serious. Most people do not really understand him so they leave him in church for Sunday mornings, where of course he is not going to stay, waiting all week.

She told me that she had never considered what she would do once she found him, had no idea what it was about. She had tried other religions and there gods had never been so demanding, so why would Jesus be so demanding? I told her that he could be demanding because he had given his life for her, had taken a beating for what she had done. I went on to say that he would move into her home and it would become his home. He would see everything there was in the house, so if she kept naughty things he would fine them and disapprove. That he would start delegating what could be seen and done 24/7 and want to go everywhere she went. If she went shopping for instance he might want to go, if she went out with her friends he would want to meet them. He might not like the low blouse she wore to work, or the tight pants. He could be very jealous and demanding and become very bossy. Everything he did would be to help and strengthen her in her walk with him, since he wanted to be the center of her universe.

"Wow, I didn't know it was like that." She said. "But if you are looking for him it must be for a reason?" I said. Listen are you still romantic and like to flirt, are you still full of life and romantic notions? Could you believe in a life full of Jesus and nothing else? No, she could not. But how about all those people in church, they still have a normal life? Yes, but they decided he could not live in there homes, he might see the wrong thing or see how they treated the children or the wife or husband. If they had romantic ties with the neighbor down the street he might not approve. The joint smoked in private by a husband and wife to relax might not seem so innocent to him. The HBO special on how to Make Love to Your Wife would be a very stupid affair to Jesus, he might not understand your addiction to sex. The friends who come over and hate to talk about God or blasphemy the Lord in front of you might not understand when you say that Jesus is your best friend.

If you are addicted to a pretentious life he might decide to give your money to the poor, what would the neighbors think of that? Jesus might not be interested in spending the next three hours listening to your friends rant on politics and religion's. He likes to say that where he is, his friends and servants well be also. And where he likes to be is among the poor and despised the sick and the hungry. She seemed to think it would be a heavy burden, but it would never be as heavy as the burden he had to endure.She decided not to make a commitment now since in her eyes she was too young to give up all of life and follow Jesus. He would not understand her way of life and she could not understand his. The other gods asked very little.

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I have gotten tired of everything, but I never get tired of talking about Jesus.