Diwali is a festival of lights. The time of enjoyment and great happiness for Hindus all over the world. The festival of lights is a significant reminder of the victory of good over evil and this is celebrated with bursting of crackers and having fun. In fact Diwali is one of the few festivals that are celebrated by all sects in the Hindu religion. These days, as religious tolerance has increased in some sections of the society, the festival is more of a cultural celebration and many people from other religions also celebrate the festival.
There are also people who give gifts to each other during this happy occasion. There are many kinds of gifts that can be given to each other, but there are two most common gifts and they are:

1. Sweets:

The gifting of sweets is an age old custom. Each and every person gifts each other sweets either as individuals or as families. It is very common to note that one family will gift another family a lot of variety of sweets. In India, during the festival season, there are many kinds of bakers who start producing various kinds of special Diwali sweets. The use of ghee and cashew nuts in most of these sweets are abundant making the sweets to have a new and amazing taste. This is one of the best gifts that you too can give to your friends. Though the sweets are considered to be fattening and can cause health problems, it is not a problem to have a few extra sweets during a festival time!

2. Crackers:

Other than the sweets, the other kind of gift that is given to each other are fire crackers. The festival is a celebration of victory of the good and that has to go with light. What better way to have light than the use of various kinds of fire crackers? This too is one of the best kinds of gifts that can be given from one person to another. Diwali is a time when the people who are celebrating it will burst a lot of fire crackers and the gifting of these kinds of crackers is also the norm. These days, the cost of the crackers have increased and the quality of the crackers has also improved. There are more fire crackers that have less sound and more light making the sound pollution to be less.

Though the gifting of sweets and crackers are two of the best methods of giving gifts for Diwali, there are many other kinds of gifts that can be given to people too.


There are many people who have elders gifting various kinds of apparel for the people who are in their family. Kids love getting a new set of clothes especially with the blessing of the elders.

Newlyweds getting gifts:

The newly wedded couple and the couple who have got married in the previous year are the ones who get the maximum number of gifts. They may get all the things that they need in their newly set up home. This is one of the best things to happen because they will be able to get all the things from the family and do not need to buy things for their home!

Another method of getting gifts for your friends is to identify what they like and get it for them to compound their joy!

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