The belief in God has often been seen as not only the greatest, but the most complete of all the distinctions between man and the lower animals. Perhaps faith is partly hard-wired in us all, yet there are some who do not believe in God. Those who believe in God have a reason to do so.

People believe in God because of the inability of science to explain certain physical phenomenon. Scientists are convinced that our universe began with one enormous explosion of energy and light. This was the singular start to everything that exists. Nobody has however been able to determine the source of that initial explosion. Also, The universe operates by uniform laws of nature. No substantial explanation has been offered yet for these laws.

Being raised in a religious manner.

Majority of people raised in Religious families tend to believe in God. Most of them never take time to dig deep into what they have been raised to believe, they take it as it is. That is the way they have been educated.


Many people who suffer in one way or the other tend to believe in God, as a comfort in their suffering. Faith in something greater than yourself gives your life purpose and meaning. Also, the idea of going to a place better than this earth sounds good and makes them hopeful for a brighter future. This is a very common one. Life seems so random, so ephemeral, and so pointless... surely, there's got to be something more, doesn't it?

Another common reason why people believe in God is that, they claim to have experienced God, not necessarily a miracle, but an "amazing coincidence". Say, you prayed for something that was quite improbable, and it happened.

The belief that there's some kind of absolute, perfect justice in the universe, even if only after death is another reason why people believe in God. We see monsters living in luxury their entire lives, and never paying for their crimes, and also seen terrible things happen unfairly to good people - sometimes randomly, sometimes caused by the monsters. They wish that both would get what they deserve. It would be so... comforting to believe so.

Sense of belonging:

People like the sense of community that comes from belonging to a church or religious body, that is also their reason for believing in a religious body. This reason is even more serious. In this particular case, curiously, they don't even need or believe in God; it's the group itself, and its activities, that make them feel like a part of something. Some of the best people they know are devout believers (though not fundamentalists), and they radiated happiness and love wherever they went. It's quite natural for others to be inspired by them.

Being told what to do and what to think is comforting. A lot of people don't want the burden and the responsibility of having to think and decide for themselves, and anyone or anything that relieves them of that burden and responsibility will have their hearts and minds.

Everyone who believes in God has one reason or the other why they have such a belief.

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