God in Jesus name I come to pray for the town I live in. Lord I pray for the mayor and the city consul that you might give them the wisdom to do the right thing for the people living here. That they might pass the laws needed for a clean and healthy life. I also pray for the town commissioners, the town lawyers and the treasury of my town. Please protect these men and their families. I also pray for the police department, that you would help them do their job and rid the community of all hell raisers and people committed to doing evil to the rest of us. Watch over their families and their properties as they continue to do their job of protecting us with your help.

God in Jesus name I also pray for the fire department and the equipment they use to save us all from being burned alive. Please help them as they go out to do their duty and protect their families from all evil. Bless them with the things they need in this world to live a long and healthy life. Bless our schools and our parks. Take care of our children that were given to us by you. Keep the devil away from them because we are not ignorant of his devices and his need to destroy us. You are our guardian who knows the end from the beginning, remember that we are just flesh and blood and cannot go up against this foul beast from hell.

I pray Lord for our teachers and our principles who give so much of their life in our behalf in teaching and mentoring our children. Please remember every school in our city, we have five and I pray for everyone by name. Number one, number two, number three, number four, and number five. Lord I also pray for the parks where the children play and ask that you keep the pedophiles and perverts away from them. Please keep them safe day and night. Keep your hands in all of our affairs and lead us in the way that is right so we won't have to go through any tragic event in the future with the prince of evilness.

God in Jesus name I pray for our streets and avenues. I pray for Atlantic Blvd. and Westview Ave from the Saw Grass to 441, I also pray for Royal Palm Drive, Sample Road, and Wiles Road. Please remember the people living in Lakeview Drive, Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs Rd. and University Ave. Bless all these people who have to go out to work each morning and protect their houses and apartments from thief's and perverts. Bless their cars as they drive to work or take their children to school. Bless their paper work and keep it safe from identity thieves along with their bank accounts and credit cards.

God protect all the business in our town starting with the movie theaters and all the restaurants. Prosper all the food franchises who give employment to so many of our citizens. Remember the car dealerships that also employ mechanics and many sales people who need these jobs to pay their rent and many other bills. .Bless and protect our Town Mall which is a gathering place for many of our citizens and gives employment to hundreds of our neighbors. Lord we have convenience stores and banks that need your protection from thieves and robbers who would steal and kill for a few dollars to buy drugs and leave a family torn apart. Protect and prosper this town that we might give you the glory due your name for being a kind and loving Father.

God we pray for the churches in this town regardless of denomination or creed. Have mercy on the people who are trying their best to serve you according to their ability. Tell us if we have a sin which could bring your wrath on us or our community. Warn us of any calamity that has been decreed by you for the sins of the past or injustices done by the community to the poor, orphans, elderly, homeless, or the sick.

Remember my neighbors down stairs from me and bless their day and the work of their hands. Watch over their vehicles and the things they have worked so hard for. Yes, watch over all my neighbors and the little ones they send off to school each day. God, life is very hard, but if you leave us or forsake us it will become ten times harder and in the end Satan will destroy us. So I ask for your help in Jesus Name. Amen.

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