Satan is a liar and the father of all lies. John 8:44. A lie is a challenge to what Jesus who is the truth has said in his word. If the bible says that you are healed and a voice keeps telling you that you are sick, that is a lie. This fact was bought home to me one morning when I awoke with a severe pain in my right hand. I had never had pain in any of my bones or joints, but now the pain was getting worse by the minute. When I mentioned this to my wife she just said that it must be arthritis, later my sister said the same thing. They were quick to agree with my symptoms, but I was not. As I looked at my hand it grew worse right in front of me. Than my whole hand got paralyzed and I knew this could not be normal. I took my right hand into my left hand and commanded the spirit of arthritis to come out in Jesus name. Immediately the hand became normal and has never bothered me again.

Had I agreed with my wife and sister who said "it has to be this or that," I would surely have gotten it. Mind you they always say "it has to be," No one ever says "No that is not going to happen, that is not what God has in store for you," they just agree with the devil and say you must have or are going to get this and that. I am amazed that people are so quick to agree with anything bad but find it hard to agree with anything good. If I tell them that it is a lie from the devil they get upset and remind me of my age. We as a people are programmed to see the negative and reject the positive, even while professing faith in God. It is so easy to say "I am catching a cold," or "age has bought this on." It is much harder to say "Jesus did not intend this for me, so it must be from Satan, and if it's from the devil than it's not real." God never intended for mankind to have to deal with thousands of sickness and diseases, this is the work of Satan the deceiver.

With this as an example I started to watch out for anymore symptoms which did not seemed normal to me or were against Gods word. At my age there is some short term memory loss which is normal, but I started to have dreams about losing all my memory and wondering around the streets, which is something no one in my family has ever had. The dreams were so vivid and real, that at first I got scared. But as I examined the dreams I could see a pattern from night to night that led me to believe that Satan was behind the dreams. He was so anxious for me to believe the lies he was telling me at night, that he had overplayed his hand and I had been able to figure it out. After having six of these dreams within a year I knew that Jesus was not behind it, and that it would never happen. Anytime Satan tells you something is going to happen, it can only happen if you believe his lies and except it. If you don't believe it and send the package back, you can be pretty sure that it will never happen.

If as they say you want to catch the cold, look at that word catch, it is you doing the catching, or getting the fever, look at that word get, it is you doing the getting, then indeed you will get it or catch it. The demon rang the bell; you answered and accepted the package now it is yours. If you run to the doctor who is taught to only treat natural causes every time you get a minor cold or flu, than you become a victim of Satan, who already knows you are weak in the area of faith. The doctor can help you in some instances and they have helped me many times. But there are times when even the doctors will tell you that there is no cure for your aliment, or that you are too far gone and must be ready for the worst. It is at times like this that Gods greatest miracles can be seen.

When one thing does not work, Satan will try another; he is very faithful to his own cause and does not rest. So after the two previous events he tried again but this time while I was at the mall. I was alone as I walked from one store to another when I felt faint and nearly fell on the floor. I grabbed a beam and held myself up in order to assess what had happened. It was so scary that I went back to the car and prayed to see what was going on. In a vision God showed me that the devil was not done with me and that now he wanted me to believe that I could collapse at any moment and die. Again because it was a lie from Satan it was a pretty sure bet that unless I believed the lie it would never happen, and it never happened again. This can happen with anything from a minor cold to one of the major sickness or a crisis in your home. Don't believe Satan, believe Jesus who died so you could have life and have it more abundantly.

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